ISSN: 2186-2311 The Asian Conference on Sustainability, Energy and the Environment 2015: Official Conference Proceedings

ACSEE2015 Art Center of Kobe, Kobe, Japan
ACSEE2015 Conference Theme: “Power & Sustainability”
Thursday, June 11 - Sunday, June 14, 2015
ISSN: 2186-2311

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Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents

Degradation of AEG PV Modules Parameters
After 20 Years of Operation

Emad A. Sweelem
Abd El-Shafy A. Nafeh

Tourist Gaze Concept as an Attempt for Creating
City Branding Case Study: Solo the Spirit of Java

Eko Nursanty
Joesron Alie Syahbana
Atiek Suprapti

The Roles of Traditional Markets as the Main
Component of Javanese Culture Urban Space (Object of Study:
The City of Surakarta, Indonesia)

Istijabatul Aliyah
Bambang Setioko
Wisnu Pradoto

Conversion of Black Wattle to Bio-Oil and Chemicals on the
Continuous Pyrolytic Reactor

Witchakorn Charusiri

Awareness on Fish Depletion and Fishing Practices among Fishermen
around River Rima and Kware Lake, Sokoto Northwestern Nigeria

Ibrahim Muhammad Magami
Sani Ibrahim
Sabi’u Musa Yelwa

Towards Sustainable Human Settlements Growth on Urban Fringe
Areas with Case Study Semarang City – Indonesia

Bambang Setioko

River Flooding on Taipei City Area Inundation
Reui-Kuo Lin
Kwan Ouyang
Jen-Chieh Wu
Shi-Min Lee

Developing Lifecycle Inventory Indices for Estimating the Carbon
Sequestration of Artificially Engineered Soils and Plants

Ben W Kolosz
Mark A Goddard
Ehsan M, Jorat
Saran P Sohi
David A. C. Manning

Management of Sustainability Activities in Projects:
The Perspective of Project Managers

Gilman C. K. Tam

Sustainable Urban Transportation with Travel Demand Management
Methods: A Case Study for Istanbul

Irfan Batur
Muammer Koc

Exploration of Bacteria Symbionts Pocillopora Damicornis Coral
for the Production of Sanitary Hand Gel

Delianis Pringgenies
Eko Windarto
Riyanda Idris
Anggi Riqqa Khalisa
Vatimatuzzahra Andhalucya Subchan

Delta of the World: A possible Comparison
Vasile Meita
Alexandru-Ionut Petrisor

Nowcasting of Photovoltaic Power Output for an Equatorial-Based
Location Using Artificial Neural Network

Kyairul Azmi Baharin
Hasimah Abd Rahman
Mohammad Yusri Hassan
Chin Kim Gan

Classical Charcoal Making And Properties Of The Charcoal From
Palmyra Palm Shell As The Traditional Community Practice

Mookda Suksawat
Nicha Prasongchan
Somboon Prasongchan

Application of TRIZ in Resolving Water Crisis
Guat Guan Toh
Guan Hin Chau
Nikalus Shu Luing Swee
Mum Wai Yip
Chee Sheng Keong

Finding the Leverage Point in the Sustainability Crisis:
Global, National and Regional Australian Responses

Murray Craig Lane

Modelling and Analysis of Real Underwater Acoustic Signals
Produced by Marine Energy Devices

Oshoke Ikpekha
Stephen Daniels

Effects of Turbulence Models on Micro-bubble Distribution
in Dissolved Air Flotation Process for Water Treatment

Min A Park
Kyun Ho Lee
Jae Dong Chung

The Effect of Deforestation on Sediment in the Upper River
Basin of the Lam Phra Phloeng Reservoir, Thailand

Preeyaphorn Kosa
Thanutch Sukwimolseree
Phattaraporn Sangthong

Solar Photocatalytic Degradation of 4-Chlorophenol in
Water with Novel Shell-Core P3HT@Tio2 Nanoparticles

Wen-shiuh Kuo
Ren-You Zhang

Assessment of GHG Emissions From Tableware Ceramic
Production in Thailand

Kannaphat Chuenwong
Boonrod Sajjakulnukit
Siriluk Chiarakorn

Developing the Methodology to Investigate the Thermal
Comfort of The Elderly for Sustainable Living in
Hot-Humid Thailand

Sumavalee Chindapol
John Blair
Paul Osmond
Deo Prasad

Optimum Co-Digestion Conditions for Methane Production
from Chicken Manure and Napier Grass by Single Stage Digention

Supawadee Yodthongdee

Crude Oil Intensity, Production Efficiency and Adaptability to
Energy- Evidence from an Economy with a High Dependence on Energy Imports

Chung-Huang Huang
Han-Pang Su Chin-Wen
Yang Jian-Fa Li
Cheng-Yih Hong

Energy Efficiency Application in Yanbu Industrial City
Makki Ali Al-Gobbi

Land Use Change with Externalities in the Fringe of
Jakarta Metropolitan: Spatial Tobit Model

Rahma Fitriani
Eni Sumarminingsih

Proposal and Discussions of Simple PCS for PV Power
Generation as Veranda Solar

Keiju Matsui
Eiji Oishi
Yasutaka Kawata
Mikio Yasubayashi
Masayoshi Umeno
Hideo Uchida
Masaru Hasegawa

Solar PVs to Charge EVs in Auckland:
Potential for a Community Based Approach

Kiti Suomalainen
Basil Sharp

Comparison Analysis Between Rice and Cassava
for Bioethanol Production in Japan Considering
Land Use Efficiency

Marisabel Cuberos Balda
Toshihiko Nakata
Takaaki Furubayashi

Coastal Urbanization Impacts on Biodiversity:
The Case of Marinas in Singapore

Loke Ming Chou
Kok Ben Toh
Chin Soon Lionel Ng

Environmental Challenges and Economic Growth in
Developing Countries: Indonesian Perspective

Sri Wartini

Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Robusta Coffee
Plantation in Thailand

Tanomlap Rachawat
Siriluk Chiarakorn
Amnat Chidthaisong

Game Analysis on Promotion Stakeholders of
Low-Carbon Building

Chen-Chen He
Xiao-Ming Wang
Guochao Zhao
Jingxia Wu

From E-Waste to Green Energy: Waste as a Critical
Material Source for Photovoltaic Technologies:
A Case Study for Industrial Symbiosis

Rhys Charles
Peter Douglas Trystan Watson
David Penney

Bioclimatic Solar Home Design in Bangkok Thailand
Suphawadee Ratanamart
Noppadol Maneerat
Piyabud Duangsawat

Regional Disparity of Productivity and the Factors
in Japanese Industries

Mika Goto
Akihiro Otsuka
Toshiyuki Sueyoshi

Discussion on the Elements of Listed Energy Companies'
Environmental Information Disclosure in the New Context of
China's Environmental Legal System

Chen Yu

The Construction of Low-Carbon Renewal System of Rural Community
Guochao Zhao
Xiaoming Wang
Chenchen He

A Study on the Energy Certified and Consuming of
the Supermarkets in Taiwan

Po-Yen Kuo,
Hui-Yen Liao
Ren-Hao Yang

Light Pollution Mapping of Urban Human Activity
and Land Zoning

Yu-Chan Chao
Yi-Sheng Lin

Soil Water Repellency a Global Problem: Impact,
Measurement and Mechanisms

Helen M. Balshaw
Peter Douglas
Sujung Ahn
Stefan H. Doerr

Renewable Energies in Between Landscape and
Landmark: Case Studies

Elisabetta Ginelli
Alessandra Bianchi
Gianluca Pozzi

Concept and Practice of the Cultural Heritage
Conservation after Flood Disaster: A Case Study
of Ayutthaya, Thailand

Wittaya Daungthima
Kazunori Hokao

Stakeholder's Engagement to Assess and Enhance
Climate Change Adaptation Strategy for Water
Resource Management
Liang-Huey Lo
Hai-Chen Lin
Yueh Wu
Yeun-Jeng Lai
Albert C. T. Li

Thermochemical Energy Storage as a Way to
Increase the Sustainability of Energy Generation

Johannes Widhalm
Thomas Fellner
Markus Deutsch
Andreas Werner
Franz Winter

Comparison of Photometric Quantities and Photon Quantities
of Light Sources For Interior Green Wall Illumination

R.T.H. Ng
H.D. Cheung
M.Y. Chan

The Dynamism of Old Wooden Houses within Chiang
Mai City Wall

Pranom Tansukanun

Energy Demand Exploration For Yogyakarta Energy
Eficiency Planning

Lilies Setiartiti

The Distributional and Welfare Effects of the
Emission Trading Scheme on Australian Households

Trang Minh Tran

Disaster Adaptation by Community for City Sustainability.
Case Study: "Poor vs Rich Settlements" in Coping Flood Hazard
in Jakarta, Indonesia

Irene Sondang Fitrinitia

The Impact of Agglomeration Economies on Energy
Efficiency in Japan

Akihiro Otsuka
Mika Goto

Sustainability of Local Food Supply Using New Agriculture
Theory in Organic Farming Context in Uttarakhand, India

Ricardo Situmeang

Marketing Mix to Promote Tourism in the Nature Education
Center for Mangrove Conservation and Ecotourism in Chonburi Province

Pimphun Sujarinpong

IPA Free Texturization Process for Monocrystalline
Silicon Solar Cells by PTFE Mask

Thipwan Fangsuwannarak

Effect of Organic Solution based Additive on Exhaust
Emissions of an Indirect Injection Diesel Engine

Karoon Fangsuwannarak

Optical Advances in the Field of Selected Solar Technologies
for Exploitation in Building Energy Efficiency

Miroslav Čekon
Pavel Rovnaník
Rastislav Ingeli

Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosures: A Study of the
Financial Characteristics and Capital Investment of the S&P 500 Firms

Hong V. Nguyen

Sustainable Advances of Windows in Energy Efficient Buildings:
A Perspective Novelty Integrating of New Conceptual Solutions

Pavel Oravec

Capacity Building Towards Improvement of Energy, Environment,
and Community Development Compliance in Indonesia:
A Case Study of Pesanggaran Power

Dewi Permatasari
Igan, Subawa Putra
Ibnu Agus Santosa

Make-Up Water Utilization Using WWTP Effluent Recycle:
A Case Study of GratiCombined Cycle Power Plant,
East Java Province, Indonesia

Mila Tartiarini
Dewi Permatasari
Harry Nurdianto
Zulfina Dhini Annisawati
Nia Nihayati

Environmental and Biodiversity Information System "E-Bios"
towards Supporting Environmental Compliance: Grati
Combined Cycle Power Plant, East Java
Province, Indonesia

Miftachun Nisa
Dewi Permatasari
Alin Kurniawan Purwanindita
Nia Nihayati

A Study of Electricity Utilization in Beach Resort
Hotels, Chonburi Province for Energy Conservation
Nattapas Rasmimanont

Whether to Invest in Energy Saving Technologies or
Elsewhere? A Decision Support Tool

Kanishka Chauhan
Mh. Moiez Gohar
M.V. Panduranga Rao

Training Onshore Failure Rate to Offshore Cost
Effectiveness Analysis in Condition Monitoring System

Xi Yu
David Infield
Sami Barbouchi
Redouane Seraoui

Eco-Efficiency with Social Performance of Fresh Latex
Production in the Southern of Thailand

Weerawat Ounsaneha
Thunwadee Tachapattaworakul Suksaroj
Cheerawit Rattanapan
Kitikorn Chamondusit

Assessment of Carbon Footprint Organization and Analysis
of Appropriate Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Measures:
Case Study PTA Factory in Thailand

Jiraporn Thamniamin
Chanathip Pharino
Thanapol Tantisattayakul
Premrudee Kanchanapiya
Orathai Chavalparit