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Transforming B’laan Communities through Communication: The Case of UP Manila Community Health and Development Program

Twenty four B’laan residents of Barangay Kalkam in Tupi, South Cotabato were surveyed to determine how UP Manila Community Health and Development Program (CHDP) attempted to transform them by exploring normative changes. Anchored on transformational communication framework inspired by Flor and Smith (1997), the study identified the communication approaches employed in transforming B’laan’s responses to


Transitional Space in Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s Syndrome and a Century: The Reflection of Thailand in Transition

Recently, transitional space has been employed as an aesthetic and stylistic means of narrative in many contemporary films, and it has been explored in many different ways, which go far beyond its conventional use for continuity editing. This paper will examine the use of transitional space in Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s Syndromes and a Century and explore


The Future of Online News Video: A UAE Perspective

Online Video is a crucial component of the new media landscape accounting for much of the web traffic to mainstream news organizations website and social media platforms. Most of the news organizations have been building resources over the past years raising their proficiency in handling video. Today they produce regular news headlines in video and


Promotion and Communication Strategies for Knowledge Products

This study aims at identifying strategies applied by Center for Scientific Documentation and Information, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (PDII LIPI) in promoting its knowledge products. The research use eight elements of promotional and communication strategies namely identifying the targeted audience, determining the communication objectives, designing the messages, selecting the channels, budgeting, deciding promotional tools, measuring


Locating Public Angst in Cinematic Narratives: A Cultural Critique of Tamil Film Kaala

The paper aims to locate the angst in the public discourse on the Tamil language film Kaala (2018) directed by Pa.Ranjith. Kaala portrays the life and challenges of the protagonist, played by one of the most popular Tamil film actors Rajanikanth, his family and members of his under-privileged community who take on the antagonist and


Palestine on the Screen: Trauma and Ignored Voices

The Israeli-Palestinian conflicts can trace back to the Nakba in 1948 and are expected to continue at least in the near future, rendering the region invariably a turbulent land and a focus in the international society. For a long time in the past, the western media largely engaged in broadcasting news about these conflicts, while


Designing Health Intervention Through Social Media and VR as Incentives for the Elderly with Frailty

Taiwan has become an aged society in 2018 and is expected to be a super-aged society nine years later when Taiwanese over 65 will account for over 20 percent of its population. In view of the fact that Taiwan’s frail elderly will increase substantially in ten years, this study applies theories of disengagement and activity


Digital Humour and Protest Against the Trump Presidency: A View from Indonesia

Internet memes and hashtags have become integral to contemporary politics, having grown from relatively peripheral amusements to often playing significant roles in the success or failure of a political movement, or at least in particular ‘moments’ of those movements. When a hashtag or meme goes viral, as has been the case, for example, with #MeToo;


Audience Expectations for the Image of LGBT Films

The objectives of the research on Audience Expectations for the Image of LGBT Films: A Case Study on Thai LGBT-Related Films are: 1) to study the audience expectations for LGBT films; 2) to study the presentation approaches of the image of LGBT films in the future; and 3) to plan for the presentation of content


Political Correctness and Politically Correct People: South Park Case

In this work, the concept of political correctness and politically correct people (P.C.P.) will be evaluated through the case study. As the case study, the animated cartoon named ‘South Park’ was chosen. Even though South Park is a cartoon, it should not be forgotten that it criticises real-world events. In 2015, South Park took political


The Chinese Mayor: An Examination of Gilles Deleuze’s Political Philosophy From the Perspective of Deterritorialization

Gilles Deleuze holds that deterritorialization is the coming undone created through the development of socialism. Along the lines of flight, a subject moves from their original place of living to a new territory physically, psychologically, and spiritually, and in turn, discovers their own potential and experiences qualitative changes. This process of becoming forms a new


Exploring the Difference of Cultural Order Maintenance in Film Policy Between Taiwan and South Korea Through the Arm’s Length Principle

This study compares differences of film policy of creative cultural industries between Taiwan and South Korea from the perspective of culture order. Taiwan has a history of developing art movie and using movies as a cultural operation for social and political purpose. South Korea had a similar history; in contrast, South Korea adopts the Arm’s


Deflection and Contradiction in a North Korean Comedy-Romance Film: A Critical Appraisal of “Comrade Kim Goes Flying”

This oral presentation critically appraises the film “Comrade Kim Goes Flying”, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2012 and is prominently billed at its promotion website as ‘A Belgium, UK, and North Korea Co-Production.’ Despite codirection, coproduction, financing, and overseas editing by two Western Europeans who intended a ‘girl power’ comedy-romance about


Cross-Cultural Influences on the Semantics Ascribed to Assistive Technology Product and Its Envisaged User: A Preliminary Study Between Collectivist (Pakistan) and Individualist (United Kingdom) Cultures

Culture is an important variable when considering the communication of meaning through an artefact. A literature review has highlighted distinct differences in the cognitive processing that delivers perception between individuals from collectivist and individualist society. The projected growth in Assistive Technology (AT) online marketing suggests industrial designers need to be aware of the influence that


Media Representation of the Regional Image of Shaanxi Province in China’s Mainstream Media in the One Belt One Road Context

As the starting point of the ancient silk road. Shaanxi province is the important pivot of China’s One Belt One Road initiative. The local government attaches great importance to the construction of the regional image of Shaanxi province. There are three kinds of regional image presentation; entity image, media image and the cognitive image. The


How Woman Present Herself on Line: Exploring the Practice of Personal Identity Through Brand on Member of Female Daily

This paper considers the role of brand as a media to present a woman in a virtual community in Indonesia called Female Daily Forums. In the absence of face to face communication, the member needs something to identify with as they communicate with one another. Specifically, the research looks at how a certain brand is


The Evolving Face of Research Communication: Case of Deccma

Communication of research outputs is no longer limited to publication of journal papers. With our changing times and demands, the modes of communication are also changing. Besides scoring high on the impact factors in the academic world, research communication now also aims to score big in terms of impact in the non-academic world. Informal outputs


Southeast Asia’s Digital Policy Landscape: Digital Policy Ideas, Structures, and Actors in Southeast Asian Countries

Southeast Asia is a highly dynamic region with rapid social, economic, political, and cultural changes. This has been increasingly complex since the end of 2015, when the ten countries in this region formally implemented a framework of integration and economic, political, and socio-cultural cooperation through the ASEAN Community. Developments in the field of technology, both


Social Media and National Disintegration

Indonesia is a multicultural country with various different aspects. In the era of the internet, the government’s duty to maintain the harmony of the nation faced a big challenge. This article examines the use of social media in the political context in Indonesia. Researchers use qualitative methods to answer research problems. The theoretical approach used


The Normal Habits and Environmental Governance of Online Advertisements

When an advertisement meets a network, it actually transfers the use of human weakness to its emergence. The support of technology for releasing of human weaknesses inevitably brings changes in normal habits of online advertisement. And the changes of the ecological environment of online advertisements leads to the vulgarization of it. Due to factors such


The Right of Vote to Syrian Migrants, The Rise and Fragmentation of Anti-Migrant Sentiments in Turkey

Hosting more than 3 million Syrian migrants, Turkey has a serious migrant issue with an increasing level of anti-migrant sentiments. In migrant hosting countries, the anti-migrant sentiments are mostly associated with unemployment, social and cultural issues, etc. However, Turkish people face an additional migrant issue, which is unique to Turkey: According to officials, more than


Masculinity in “Warrior Wolf II”

Hailed by both male and female audiences, and thus making an unprecedented box-office miracle of RMB 5.6 billion Yuan in mainland China, Warrior Wolf II (战狼 II) has become a cultural phenomenon worth our serious study. As the triumph of this film is mainly attributable to its success in shaping and presenting Chinese masculinity, my


The Rise of Connectivist Leadership

The purpose of this paper is to re-conceptualize leadership by advancing the understanding of leadership from an individual influence on others to a collective and connected shared process. The study will aim to evaluate if, and to what extent, leaders are shifting their views and understanding of leadership, from a process led primarily by an


Audience in Reception Analysis Perspective (Audience Reception Analysis to Hashtag #2019gantipresiden)

A year ahead of the 2019 presidential election, the euphoria of the democratic party has begun. Each camp prepares to prepare the five-year democracy party. Coordination measures continue to be encouraged by the support parties. the government’s opposition party continues to act. Some have criticized the government’s performance and also campaigned for cyberspace movements with


The Significance of the Concept of Budi in the Malay Worldview: An Analysis of the Malaysian Animated Film “Putih”

This paper discusses the Malay moral values based on the concept of Budi and its application through the portrayal of selected characters in the Malaysian animated film “Putih” (2001). The method of analysis employs the academic study of Lim Kim Hui (2003a)’s Budi and its networks (akal, hati, bicara, bahasa/pekerti and daya) and it includes


Data-Driven Business Model Innovation in Journalism: A Case Study of Buzzfeed as a Platform of Public Good

Fake news became a buzzword especially after the 2016 US election leaving the concern of what is circulated on social media (Allcott & Gentzkow,2017). The business model implemented by the traditional news outlets was based on a print revenue stream, where their main profit came from the advertising. With the Internet, the legacy publishers were


From “Running Man” to “Mission X”: Variety Shows as Cultural Representations of Local Identities

“Running Man”, as one of the Korean successful variety shows, never fails to advertise parts of Korean culture like food, K-Pop, cultural values, traditional games, history, even historical sites. With quite a huge amount of fans not only from South Korea but also from other countries as well, “Running Man” also occasionally encourages interactions between


The Politics of Disaster Reporting: A Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis of News Reports on Typhoon Lando

Much of what we know about the politics of disaster reporting is limited to a straightforward knowledge of what stakeholders do during crises. Largely unnoticed in previous studies of this topic is the extent by which other modes apart from language are utilized for ideological purposes and the textual mechanisms through which these can be


Discerning Disinformation Through Design: Exploring Fake News Website Design Patterns

The onset of emerging technologies in a fast-changing media landscape has led to media sources becoming more complex; leading to their capacity to create intricacies for the public’s perceptions of truth. In the Philippines, disinformation runs rampant through fake news websites, peaking during the 2016 Presidential elections. While current fake news detection methods range from


Overlooked Opportunities: Addressing Global Challenges Through Cross-Cultural Political and Ecological Digital Art by Reinterpretation of Traditional Eastern Art and Philosophy

This paper is informed by a series of digital artworks addressing global challenges such as climate change or decline of democracy in an alternative way to worldwide audiences in the East and West by reinvestigating and celebrating the values and traditions of Eastern art and culture as an overlooked, rich resource. The research process is


Reviving Cultivation Theory for Social Media

George Gerbner’s Cultivation Theory examines the effect of TV on the audience. A similar synthetic world appears to exist on Facebook according to the facts of cultivation theory. Whatever is shared on social media platforms forms an opinion and might end up with a judgement. One of the biggest parts of cultivation theory is resonance


The Importance of Verifying News on Social Media

A review of previous and current research on the rise of ‘fake news’ on social media and what is being done to address the problem; the potential negative effects of relying on social media for news (echo chambers, false or inaccurate information, and the lack of an effort by consumers to learn more by going


Media Literacy in Consumer Consumption and Television Monitoring Habits

It can be argued that media literacy emerged as a need for the individual who lives in a world where the media is rapidly consumed and surrounded by media messages. Media literacy aims to enable individuals to evaluate media awareness and media content from a critical point of view.The importance of media literacy is that


The Influence of the Social Networks and Messengers on the Youth Language of the Japanese

During a research trip to the University of Tsukuba (Japan), a survey of Japanese students was conducted on the impact of social networks and instant messengers on the language of modern Japanese youth. 45 students of 1-3 courses (18-20 years old), studying in different groups at different faculties of the University of Tsukuba, took part


Media Violence and Children: A Case Study on Primary and Secondary School Students in Konya, Turkey

In World Report on Violence and Health, published by World Health Organization, violence is described as ‘the intentional use of physical force or power against oneself, another person, or against a group or community, that either results in or has a high likelihood of resulting in injury, death, psychological harm, maldevelopment, or deprivation’. There are