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The Development of a Novel Using Storytelling Technique As a Communication Tool to Enhance the Effectiveness of Communication

The purposes were to 1) develop a novel using storytelling technique as a communication tool 2) examine the effectiveness of communication after applying a developed novel. The purposive sample group was 27 undergraduate students. The research instruments were 1) a developed novel 2) a questionnaire collecting expert opinions towards appropriateness of a developed novel 3)


Blue Documentary As a Tool for Marine Life Conservation

Human activities, including over-exploitation, food consumption, tourism, and any other economic activities are found to have significant impacts on the ocean. In Malaysia, it is considered as a major contributor to marine life extinction. Therefore, our responsibility is to ensure the continuity of a sustainable marine ecosystem while preventing any possible extinction for future generations.


Generation Y’s Behaviors in Using Media: A Case Study of Bangkok Metropolitan Region, Thailand

The paper presents results of a study on Generation Y’s Behaviors in Using Media, Bangkok Metropolitan Region as a case study. The purpose of this paper is to review what we know and don’t know about Generation Y’s use of media – also giving a landscape of Generation Y’s media usage. The paper describes Generation


Issues and Information management for Public communication in Willingness to pay for Forest Area of Bangkok Dwellers Project

The research of public information management in the ‘Issues and information management for Public communication in Willingness to pay for Forest Area of Bangkok Dwellers Project’ was designed to raise public awareness. The purpose of this research is to 1.) Distribute information regarding urban forest to the public through information management, 2.) Study communication patterns