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The Students’ Satisfaction Toward Managerial Economics Class

As a policy of the Minister of Education that want all the educational institutions improve the quality of their students to be smart, good, and happy person. Kasetsart University has realized about the importance of this policy, so all lecturers were encouraged to do the classroom research to improve and update their teaching. The objective


Applying Mathematics in Interdisciplinary Studies [IDS]

Nanyang Girls’ High School’s Interdisciplinary Studies [IDS] for Secondary One students were designed to enable students to begin to deliberate and solve real world problems using the knowledge, skills and thinking taught in various disciplines/subjects from languages and the humanities to maths, science, art and music. This curriculum is innovative in using concepts to ensure connections


Using the Concept of Fashion to Link Diverse Programs

Departments housed in US land grant agricultural colleges often have the unenviable and difficult task of justifying their existence as collaborative entities that complement each other. Programs like fashion design and merchandising, family resources, and agricultural sciences have historic roots with seemingly little relevance to each other in today’s academic milieu. Putting politics aside, educators


Ethnomathematic Concepts in Yakurr Culture: Applicability of Ethnomathematics Concepts in Conjunction with Conventional Method of Teaching Geometry

This study sought to explore ethnomathematics concepts that exist in the culture of the Yakurr people of Cross River State of Nigeria. It also aimed at determining the applicability of ethnomethematics concepts in conjunction with conventional methods in teaching geometry in junior secondary school one (JSS1). Three research questions and one null hypothesis were used


Case Study: Pre-Service Teachers Characterization and Engagement Levels of Critical Reading

Preservice teachers must be critical readers and thinkers if they are to prepare our future generations for the challenges of the 21st Century. Critical reading and thinking skills are essential to the evolution of a well rounded individual who can interpret information, challenge evidence, and assess diverse arguments. The following case study attempts to examine


Relationship between Homesickness, Self-Efficacy, and Achievement Motivation among Non-Native Students of Urmia University of Medical Sciences

Abstract The transition to university often involves separation from home can lead to the challenge of adapting to a new academic environment. For most new students, adjusting to an unfamiliar academic setting can induce homesickness. The present study investigated the relationship between homesickness, achievement motivation, self-efficacy among non-native students of Urmia University of Medical Sciences


It was the 15th of December

A reflection on the merits of an a priori poeto-epistemology in relation to tacitly held assumptions about the a fortiori validity of computational logic to transcend the limits of contradiction and infinite regression and establish a valid ontology. Save as a Favourite