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A Study on Societal Conflict of the Selected Short Stories of Antonio Reyes Enriquez

Philippine Literature shows how the Filipino differs from others. (Richard V. Croghan, S.J, The Development Of Philippine Literature in English). This study presents to you with the different societal conflicts in the Philippines. a. There are three conflicts depicted in the selected short stories. These are (1) Man vs. Man, (2) Man vs. Society, (3)


Value Orientation and Quality of Halal Certification in Cosmetics Business

At present, the accreditation of halal certification has been extending from food and beverage industry, to cover a wide variety of products and services, e.g. pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, perfumeries, and tourism. Thai entrepreneurs started to be more aware of halal certification, but not many of them have been applying for halal certificate. One of the obstacles


Communal Harmony in Goa: Assessing Attitudes and Devising Strategies for Promotion

Communal harmony is a word that became immensely loaded with political implications for India after the Babri Masjid demolition that took place in 1992. The shock waves resulting from that game changer, were felt nation-wide. However Goa, the smallest state of India, was considerably undisturbed because it had a long tradition of peaceful coexistence that


Searching for the Spice: On Chinese Diaspora’s Food Practice in Helsinki, Finland

In this research project, I examined the ever-changing interconnected relations between immigrants’ identity construction, food practice and the broader social formations in their respective adopted countries. The main research questions were guided by this vision: Are food practices of Chinese diaspora in Helsinki facilitating the construction of a new, creolized, hybrid “Chinese-abroad identity”? To what


Revitalizing the Indonesian National Values to Strengthen the Nation’s Character

National values are not present in a vacuum. They grow and develop from the interaction of history so as to form a civilization that characterizes a nation. The characteristic is then institutionalized and becomes an identity of a nation. National values are a set of values manifested in a collective consciousness of the society and


Of Memory and Justice: Revising History as an Act of Justice

Although Aristotle has maintained that memory ‘is of the past,’ yet, it does not belong solely in the past, as it can bring the past forward into the present. As Booth explains in Communities of Memory: On Witness, Identity, and Justice, memory ‘is woven into the continuity that we call identity__¶into our practices of justice’