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Professional Language Learning and the Dynamics of Cross-Linguistic Interactions in Bilingual Mental Lexicon

Bilingualism is an ability to communicate freely in two languages. Bilingual professional language learning implies acquiring specific knowledge of the two languages for professional purposes – those connected with language studies and/or language teaching. The most obvious outcome of bilingual professional language learning concerns the increase of proficiency revealed in a wide repertoire of linguistic


The Effect of Teachers Code-Switching on Students Achievement in Speaking in the EFL Saudi Context

This study mainly aims to identify if the teachers code-switching to Arabic language affects students performance in the speaking skill in the EFL classroom. The study also investigates the functions of teachers CS in the EFL classroom as well as students attitudes towards teachers CS. The sample of the study is comprised of 20 teachers


Comparation of Creativity Dimensions (Fluency, Flexibility, Elaboration, Originality) between Bilingual Elementary Students (Azari Language-Kurdish Language) in Urmia City Iran

ABSTRACT In Urmia city, many children learn and speak their first language (either Azari or Kurdish) at home and study all of their courses in Farsi throughout their education. The goal of this study was to compare the creativity abilities between bilingual elementray students (Azari- Kurdish language). Almost (N=387) students from 10 schools from all over Urmia


Arabic in ESL Classrooms: A Blessing in Disguise?!

The dispute over whether to use or not to use learners’ L1 inside the classroom has always been the topic of discussion for many people for various reasons. The debate has also involved ESL students. Some maintain that such use may lead to more dependence of an ESL on his Arabic language, which may delay


A Japanese-German-English Trilingual Childs Word Acquisition Patterns Focusing on Category Differences in Comprehension and Production

Problem: The current study focused on trilingual ( German, Japanese, and English) word acquisition by a single child to investigate relationships or patterns among the different categories of words produced and comprehended in the three languages at each time interval and to see possible changes of the patterns over the period of 14 months. Methods:


A Study about Use of Foreign Language in the Students__ Assessment as a Barrier in Exact Evaluation of the Individual__s Expertise of the Material

In this age of an information-based global education & economy, standards are strategically important as marketing tools and also required to interconnect such activities. The flow of technology is usually from the west for last several decades. The under developed countries has to rely on that literature to keep them on the track of development.