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A Study of the Fanpage Creators of Text/Illustration in Taiwan, in Particular with Their Working Process

With the popularity of high-speed internet, the number of using mobile phones has been increased in this generation, also known as high-tech generation. Nowadays, using mobile phone has become an irreplaceable part of our daily life. By using mobile phone, long description of sentences or words are difficult for understanding the meaning immediately. However, presented


The Spatial Narration of Drawing Media and Its Transition of Cultural Representation

Drawing and representational media are means for artists, designers and architects to convey ideas or narratives happened in places. In the architectural field, architects utilise drawing media to represent physical architectural spaces or to demonstrate their viewpoints on spatial configuration. Since the invention of perspective in Renaissance, architectural spaces presented through perspectival drawings could have


Roman Histories by Louis Kahn

The architecture of Louis I. Kahn changed radically in the 1950s. Such was the transformation that it is difficult to find its unmistakable tracks in works so different like the miesian Parasol House (1944) or the palladian Fleisher House (1959). All these differences have been widely recognized by leading architectural critics, and some of them


The Co-Created Performing Artistic Space: The Urban Office Garden

One of the natural spaces closest to human living space is the garden, the outdoor space which could integrate natural energy of fire, wind, water, earth, and air into our daily life, directly enhance our holistic health of body, mind, and spirit. In some cultures, like Japanese Zen gardening, the garden space is the area


Aesthetics of Villages: Analysis of Related Cases in the Combination of Art and Living

This study use the village is not only an art museum but art of life as the main ideology, to investigate and review domestic as well as foreign relevant cases for past five years, and summarize the present and future development trend of community design. The purposes of this research are (1) to understand the


Effects of Robotic Dogs as Catalysts for Social Interactions: A Preliminary Study

As robotics technologies are advancing at an ever increasing rate, robotic pets have emerged in the market offering companionship and socialization to users, including robot-assisted activity. However, the effects of robotic analogues of living dogs as social catalysts remain unclear. Can robotic dogs act as catalysts for human social interactions like real dogs? How do


The Gestalt of Book Design

A book is more than the sum of its parts. The main ingredients of a book ‘the text, image and paper, or other materials’ are combined by designers in various ways. The book as an end product, provides a further experience than the sum of these raw ingredients. The Gestalt Theory was introduced by Wertheimer,