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Hearts Grow: Contemplation-Based Inner Stability Development in Female Inmates

The researches objectives are to study the learning process facilitation appropriate for the inner stability development in female inmates, and to explicate the female inmates� inner experiences found during and after the completion of the program. The phenomenological result shows significant inner changes in the participants. These include the more inclusive perspectives one possesses, i.e.


Lifelong Learning From the Early Stages of Life

The concept of Lifelong Learning, generally used in reference to in-service training, vocational retraining for the labour market, post-university specialised training, and cultural and spiritual enrichment in adulthood and old age, assumes that lifelong learning starts only when school finishes, thus overlooking the great importance that educability and education in the first stages of life


Assessment of the Youth Information Technology Education Program in Community Services

The Youth Information Technology Education (YITE) is a community based program of ICTED Institute of Science and Technology in Lipa City, Batangas. The program objective is geared for the acquisition of basic knowledge, attitudes, values and skills that will serve to youth and adult as powerful tool in combating illiteracy in information technology education which


Minding the Gap: Confronting the Standardized Testing Mindset in Higher Education

Teaching to the test has become standard practice in Japan. The uniformity of instruction this approach requires, as well as the apparent fairness of everyone being judged by the same standard, fits well within the parameters of conformity and equality that are hallmarks of Japanese society. Learners raised on this system become very comfortable with


Exploring Non-Formal Educational Experiences from Adaptive to Transformative Responses

This paper examines the non-formal educational experiences from those of adaptive to transformative responses. Adaptive responses focus on achievement of immediate outcomes as a makeup of what is missing. Similarly, transformative responses address the medium to long term outcomes that focuses on making a difference in individuals and societies in general. Based on interpretive paradigm


Entrepreneurship Education and Women Graduates Productivity in Ondo State Nigeria: Available Option in Lifelong Skills Approach

Education has revolved from long established systems to the needs of students and the society. Due to this, nations have tried to tailor its societal needs to the goals and objectives of its educational policy especially, with the current global economic, social and environmental change, the transition to a knowledge-based society and demographic pressures from


Gerontological Educational Work in the Context of Neighbourhood Community Work – A Reliable Path towards Greater Social Equality and Empowerment

Gerontological educational work in the context of neighbourhood community work __ a reliable path towards greater social equality and empowerment. Abstract. In addition to a supporting range of services (such as personal mentoring, various therapies, day-care and supporting Case and Care Management), sustainable and community-orientated educational and neighbourhood work with the elderly in the city of