ISSN: 2186-2311 The Asian Conference on Sustainability, Energy and the Environment 2020: Official Conference Proceedings

Published on: December 29th, 2020

ACSEE2020 Online from Tokyo, Japan
Friday, November 6 - Saturday, November 7, 2020
ISSN: 2186-2311

Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents

The Guidelines for Development of Agricultural Areas Based on Concepts from Participatory Ecological Agriculture to Solve Environmental Problems
Umpa Buarapa
Wichanat Tiwasing
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Development of an Automated Drinking System Using Microcontroller for Broiler Production
Debbie Butch R. Pequeña
Arthur L. Fajardo
Omar F. Zubia
Roger A. Luyun Jr.
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The Role of Voluntary Communities in Tackling Environmental Problem in Samarinda, Indonesia
Andi Wahyudi
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Management of Natural Protected Areas within the Romanian Cities.
Case Study: Văcăreşti Protected Landscape and Natura 2000 Sites

Atena-Ioana Gârjoabă
Cerasella Crăciun
Alexandru-Ionut Petrisor
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Brownfield Remediation in Austria – Successful Stories
Michael Alexander Birgmayr
Alexandru-Ionut Petrisor
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ASEAN and Environmental Security Taking Indonesian Haze Pollution as an Example
Yi-Ting Lin
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Spatial Modeling for People Forest by Using Remote Sensing-GIS and AHP to Support Rural Municipal Sustainable Development for the SDGs
Fahrudin Sera'ie
Ketut Wikantika
Albertus Deliar
Anjar Dimara Sakti
Therissia Hati
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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone: Externalization Taxonomy as an Implementation Tool for Future Designers
Christina Brown
Vivian Loftness
Erica Cochran
Marantha Dawkins
Herbert Dreiseitl
Dana Cupkova
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The CIGS Building Integrated Photovoltaics: Financial Validity of Façade Applications under Current Technological and Market Conditions
Marek Kryszak
Wang Lai Wang
Fu-Lin Chu
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Research on the Classification and Evaluation of Production-living-ecological Space in China Based on Land Use Functions
Yilong Li
Yu-Ting Tang
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How Industries Integrate COVID-19 Countermeasures Support with Environmental Concern and Community Development in Bandung, West Java: The Pindad Bandung Case Study
Dewi Permatasari
Lisa Andayani
Mochamad Sugiharto
Kingkin Karyantina
Zen Wahyudin
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