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Effects of Socioeconomic Factors on Tourist Demand and Consumer Surplus

In this paper, we analyze the effect of socioeconomic characteristics on the Korean tourist demand and estimate the consumer surplus. The Poisson regression model is often used for a dependent variable with the count variable. However, the number of trips is greater than zero, so this paper applies the truncated Poisson regression model to estimate

How Do Executives’ Values Influence Corporate Responsibility Adoption

Strategic Leadership theory posits that senior executives are responsible for shaping their organizations’ strategic direction. Values are central in guiding behaviour. Executives’ value systems, acting as their perceptual filter, impact executives’ information scanning, diagnostic and decision-making processes. Hence executives’ value systems play an important role in influencing organisational approaches to corporate responsibility (CR) adoption. While

Case Study of Administrative Planning in Japan: Initiation Stage of Citizen Participation and Information Sharing in Child-Rearing Support Plan

In Tokyo, encouraging the acceptance of childcare centers is an urgent issue as many children still need a nursery. The Japanese government has implemented an institutional reform, and local governments have formulated a new child-rearing support plan along with the reform.However, the reform is focused on extending the duration of child care at nurseries and

Information Sharing and Administrative Planning: From Japan’s Local Government Ordinances

There is presently no provision for administrative plans under the Administrative Procedure Law of Japan. In administrative planning, utilizing the amendment of the Administrative Procedure Act and the stipulation of the procedure for public comment in 2005 enables control over the level of discretion involved in the planning process to a certain extent.Further, the establishment

Bio-Oil Production From the Pyrolysis of Blue-Green Algae for Sustainability Alternative Fuels

Pyrolysis experiments of blue-green algae (Arthrospira platensis) were carried out in a custom-built tube reactor to determine the pyrolysis conditions which was affected by the production of pyrolysis oil. The effects of process variables; the operating temperature (400-600 oC), raw material federate (0.4-3.0 kgh-1 ), particle size (150- 800 µm) and N2 flowing rate (50-250

Managing to Reduce the Risk of Mango Harvest and to Make the Value of Integrated Agro-Tourism: A Case Study of Mango Orchard Entrepreneur in Chachoengsao, Thailand

Mango is a kind of fruit which can be planted all over the world including Thailand, and Chachoengsao is one of five provinces where mangoes are planted the most in Thailand as the soil in those areas are suitable for planting mangoes. The objectives of this research were 1) to study the body of knowledge

Examining Conflicts Over Land Acquisition and Ownership in Dormaa Traditional Area, Ghana

In Ghana, conflicts over land are ubiquitous largely due to competing views of ownership as well as diverse cultural and economic interests. In some cases, land conflicts are so contentious that it takes nearly three decades for coming up with any settlement. This paper focuses on the Dormaa traditional area, the Brong-Ahafo region of Ghana,

Efficiency Analysis of Rice Farmers in the Upper East Region of Ghana

This paper examines the efficiency of two rice producer groups in Kassena–Nankana Municipality, the upper east region of Ghana. Comparing the efficiencies of the two rice producer groups will help to recognize the group capable of utilizing their fewer inputs while increasing productivity. The first farmer group practices irrigation and the second group engage in

Qattara Depression and Its Hydropower Potential

The Qattara Depression in Egypt has been suggested to be used for hydropower production. This paper investigates the possibility of having a Hydropower plant in this location to solve the current energy problem in the region, by providing the most updated results that would be used in such a project compared to previous studies. Hydrological

Assessment of Disaster Safety at Matara District General Hospital in Sri Lanka

Hospitals are essential infrastructures in responding to disasters. They are expected to remain functioning during and in the immediate aftermath of disasters. Sri Lanka has experienced a number of natural disasters such as tsunami of 2004, and experienced inadequate disaster preparedness at many local hospitals. However, very limited research has been conducted in Sri Lanka

Kenya-Tanzania Conservation Synergy for Migratory Lesser Flamingoes

Every year, about 805,000 flamingoes migrate between Lake Nakuru, Kenya’s primary flamingo feeding site, and Lake Natron, another important breeding site in Tanzania. In 2008, the Kenya National Single Species Action Plan for the Conservation of the Lesser Flamingo set the stage for concerted and harmonized conservation initiatives. For effectively monitoring the conservation of lesser

Culture and Identity in Public Green Spaces: The Story of Suropati and Menteng Park in Central Jakarta, Indonesia

Changing the role of parks and green spaces to fit into the sustainable city framework are now an ongoing agenda for city planners worldwide. One popular concept is how green spaces promote urban liveability and sociability among city dwellers. While parks provide environmental benefits, parks are also public spaces that come with historical heritage, culture

Surviving at Fire and Post-Fire Debris/Mudflow Prone Zones in Colorado Front Range in Light Feng-Shui

Extreme climate patterns in recent decades have led to frequent fire events, rainstorms and debris/mudflows in Colorado Front Range, USA. The landforms of Rocky Mountains coincide with these natural hazards. Once people settle in hazard-prone zones, they are in danger. In many cases, disastrous tragedies stem from design errors. These mistakes in practice reflect a

Estimating Effectiveness and Efficiency of Solar Energy Policy for Indonesia: A Hybrid Agent-Based Model Analysis

We estimate the impacts of four renewable energy policy interventions to photovoltaic (PV) market size, government expenditure, economic growth, and environment. For this reason, we develop an agent-based model dedicated to capturing the specific economic and institutional features of developing economies focusing on Indonesia. We undertake an integrated approach to ABM by combining input-output analysis,

Conceptualizing Media Health Literacy in Thailand: Bridging Between Media and Health Concept

Health literacy concepts have been addressed for a period and are continuously reviewed, redefined, and used as variables in health behavior research. Many studies indicate health literacy as a determining factor of health behavior, namely health literacy is associated with a variety of adverse health outcomes. The widely used definition of health literacy is “the

Economic Evaluation of Pastures in the Kyrgyz Republic

This paper estimates the economic valuation of pastures in the Kyrgyz Republic. The agriculture sector of the Kyrgyz Republic faces a challenge of pasture overgrazing by shepherds. One reason for this act is insufficient salaries of shepherds. Most shepherds of these pastures are not aware of the economic value of these natural assets. This calls

Deaths of Rural Police Departments threaten the Security of Their Small Towns

Small town police departments have the same legal and operational obligations as those in urban areas, but far fewer resources due to their smaller tax bases. If a town can no longer support their police department, it is disbanded and rarely revived. When a police department is disbanded, the town contracts with the county sheriff’s

The Effects of Culture on Consumers’ Response to a Carbon Tax and Container Deposit Scheme: A Sustainable Consumption Study

As the temperature of the planet rises, governments are adopting measures to curb human activities that contribute to global warming. Introducing policies that people would adopt and to achieve the desired outcome is, however, a growing challenge. This situation is not quite unexpected particularly in multicultural societies where people have diverse cultural values and attitudes

Environmental Intensity of Human Wellbeing in Bhutan : Evidence from Regression Analysis

A special volume on ‘Absolute Reductions’ in the Journal of Cleaner Production (Akenji, Bengtsson, Bleischwitz, Tukker, & Schandl, 2016) emphasised the need for a radical socio-technical transformation that can bring material, energy and emissions within the ecological limits. Economic activities are at the heart of consumption of materials and energy and emissions being the waste