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Monks in 26th Buddhist Era: Characters of Monks in Thai Films Against the Code of Monastic Discipline

According to Thailand’s constitution, it is declared that a person has the right to freely express opinions but the movies, showing monks inappropriately conducting the monastic discipline, must be banned or censored even though the film art is trying to tell the truth in the society which Thai Authority feel uncomfortable to accept. Therefore, this


The Model of Intervening Cultural Space in the Hybrid Design Case Study: The Combination of Japan-Indonesia Craft

The development of craft in Indonesia has a huge economic potential due to the availability and diversity of materials as well as export opportunities. The craft needs design innovation for competing in the global market because the design applied is a pattern of inherited forms of hereditary artisans. Those are bamboo, wood, ceramics, batik and


Occult and Religious Tattoos Symbols Amongst the Underground Musicians and Fans in East Java, Indonesia.

My research is based primarily on participant observation fieldwork in Surabaya and Sidoarjo, Indonesia. I interviewed 45 musicians and fans of punk rock, hardcore, metal (metal core, death metal, black metal), and ska-punk (rude boy), in which 39 people wore tattoos and 6 others did not. In this research, I use a system of ‘ongoing’