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Combining Interactive Technology with Perceptual Training to Design an Interactive Installation for Elderly

As they grow older, seniors face many problems of physical and mental degradation, and lead to difficulties in the elderly life. This research is to combine interactive technology with perceptual training to design an interactive installation for elderly. The proposed interactive installation is named “LOHAS-GO” that means all people will get better health when they


An Investigation of User Perception and Behavior for a Robotic Exercise Coach on Different Age Groups

As robot technology moves forwards, service type robot for home use has gradually entered people’s daily life. However, what is the acceptance and expectation from people for such innovative products and services? Will it be different among different family members of different ages? For this issue, through experimental design, to explore the difference in perception


Teenagers’ Media Use Pattern: Focusing the Usefulness and Consumption of News

The study emphasize changed behavior pattern of media on teenagers after arrival of smart media era. Focusing more on the issue that was not dealt heavily in the preceding research, teenagers. Especially, this study examined teenager’s news consumption pattern. The survey showed that social media like Facebook is the most used media among teenagers,


The Examination of Adolescents’ Motives, Relational Maintenance and Intimacy in the Communications with Their Parents

The widespread and mobile access to new technologies have affected adolescents in their daily life. Prior studies have attributed the influences of emerging technologies to the negative effects of adolescent behavior while little attention was given to the results of family relationships. Drawing from the perspectives of media uses and gratifications and family relations, this