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Vision and Memory: A Film History of the Royal Factories of Rural Thailand

King Rama IX initially established four Royal Factories in 1972 to enhance the quality of life of rural marginalized minorities, including Hmong, Chinese, and Yao, in the Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Sakon Nakorn and Burirum provinces of Thailand. The purpose of this project is to juxtapose the vision of King Rama IX with the memories


Networked Music Improvisation: A Common Rhythm for Art and Science.

In a context of isolation of different knowledge, simultaneous online music improvisation reestablishes a sense of justice synthesizing equanimous “points of view” in a unique experience called the “moment of hearing”. This is the outcome of intending to hear and perform in a common pulse that replaces the sense of touch in technologically mediated communication.


Peaking Emotions Positively: Discovering Viewers’ Justice in Reality TV and all Its Glory!

In the current glory of reality TV, the ideology of viewers’ justification revolves highly around their acceptance and recognition of the TV series. In truth, reality TV possess high capability in influencing viewers’ feelings and emotions despite of viewers’ inability to notice their affection towards the content of the show. This was stated as the