Tag: Gender studies / Feminist Theory


Queer Taiwan: A Critical Overview of Discourses on Queer in Taiwan From 2006 To 2016

Queer studies in Taiwan has its own developing trajectory for over two decades. Scholars from different disciplines have been engaging themselves with queer theories, politics, activism, and performing arts, all of which have, in turn, redefined the relationship between gender and identity. However, through a critical reading of Taiwanese queer discourses from 2006 to 2016,


Overcoming Barriers to Gender Equity in the Workplace: Why aren’t we there yet?

Gender inequity continues to exist in all facets of society, community and the workplace. This paper seeks to explore the myths and truisms about gender equity in the workplace, particularly in large organisations where gendered hierarchies and entrenched behaviours tend to prevail. Despite evidence of concern, there is limited understanding of how gender inequity impacts


The Feminine Nation: A Postcolonial Analysis of the Iconographies of Marianne and Maria Clara in the French and Philippine Online Press

The feminine nation : a postcolonial feminist analysis of the iconographies of Marianne and Maria Clara in the French and Philippine online press. Using articles from online portals of French national dailies Le Figaro, Le Monde and Le Parisien and Philippine national dailies Philippine Star, Philippine Daily Inquirer and Manila Bulletin, this comparative study aims to