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Stochastic Model of Demand Curve Supported in Consumption Habits of Electric Energy for Residential Sector

This paper shows the methodological aspects to design and develop a stochastic model, which determines the demand curve from variation in energy consumption habits, using a survey that was applied to a group of 114 residential users located at Bogotá-Colombia in South America, in the same socio-economic sector, which is called four stratum. It was


Microenvironment of HMGB1 “Clusters”: A Potential Drug Target for Cancer and Diabetes

The quest for potential therapeutic strategies to treat inflammatory diseases represents one of the topical progresses in the field of medical sciences. Statistical data has shown that in the eastern world developing countries such as Indonesia, diseases such as Diabetes Mellitus, Alzheimer’s, and cancer are amongst the main causes of death. High Mobility Group Box


Hardwood Propagation of Lantana Camara L. for Green Environment

Lantana is popular for its growth and flowering throughout the heat of summer and while it is a tender woody perennial, is most commonly used as an herbaceous annual. Flower colors vary, ranging from yellow to deep red and purple, and foliage with green or variegated leaf margins. Growth habits for different lantana cultivars vary


3D Mapping and GIS Technology for Soil Characterization of Hydrocarbon Contaminated Sites

To understand the decision framework for hydrocarbon contaminated soil remediation technology selection, it is important to understand the general principles of applicable technologies for 3D soil characterization and soil mapping of petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated sites. One of the distinctive attributes of environmental technology and soil characterization is that the state-of-the-art continually changes. In this paper we


Migration Flows and Municipal Waste Analysis Using the Spatial Panel Durbin Model – The Case of Poland

The aim of the paper is to examine the impact of migration processes (mainly the emigration and immigration) and economic prosperity on the quantity of municipal waste. The data used in this research concerned the quantity of collected mixed municipal wastes during the year (an endogenous variable), the number of registrations and deregistrations (to and


Development of a High Fiber Mango Jam

This research was aimed to produce a high fiber mango jam using a gel derived from the corm of the konjac that had been recognized by the consumers for sometimes. The product of mango jam was studied and characterized in several ways, i.e., physical and chemical properties, and the determination of the plausible contamination with


The Development of Learning Communities for Conservation and Sustainable Transfering of Knowledge to Children and Youth in Chachoengsao Province, Thailand

This research was aimed to study the needs of children to learn a body of conservation knowledge that existed in the local community, in order to develop the resources of the local community and provide the conservation knowledge transfer to children, which would promote the children’s learning with the conservation knowledge that was available in


Efficient Method of Transaction Processing for Secure Mobile Bill Payments: Pay2S (Save&Safe)

This paper proposes a new method for transaction processing of secure mobile bill payment. Focusing on the performance of the bill payment system which compares the transaction processing of the new method and the tradition method. The transaction processing of the traditional method is a single bill, single transaction (SB-ST). The new method is payment


Effect of Heat Treatment and Shelf Life on Chilling Injury of Mango Cv. Nam Dok Mai

This study was aimed to investigate the effect of heat treatment and shelf life on chilling injury of mango cv. Nam Dok Mai.The heat treatment of flesh mango during storage were determined by hot air oven set at 34 and 38°C for various intervals, i.e., 24, 48, and 72 hours, then they were subsequently stored


The Study on the Development and Processing Transfer of Lip Balm Products from Virgin Coconut Oil: A Case Study

The purpose of this research was aimed to study the development and processing transfer of lip balm products from virgin coconut oil by herbal producing group of the Sibedsok sub-district, Banpho district, Chachoengsao province, Thailand. Their physical properties and stability test at various storage conditions were performed. The results showed that all of the formulations


Handmade Toy Development for Early Childhood Using Local Wisdom

This study was aimed to develop and produce toys from handmade materials for young children by the application of local wisdom. The participants consisted of young children in the kindergarten school in Chachoengsao Province, Thailand. The selection was made by the purposive sampling from 10 schools, where each school selected 1 room, and each room


Nonvegetated Constructed Wetland with Graded Sand Bed System for Hazardous Landfill Leachate Treatment and Heavy Metals Removal

Three pilot scale non-vegetated constructed wetland with graded sand bed systems (N-VCWGS) were investigated for the treatment of hazardous landfill leachate and heavy metals removal. The reactors were filled with graded sand media. The pilot systems were operated at the same Hydraulic Retention Time (HRT) of 5 days. The results showed that the N-VCWGS which


Determinants of Pro-Environmental Behaviour: An Exploratory Analysis

What strongly influences or determines pro-environmental behaviour (PEB) is a question of great curiosity across the globe. Solution to this research question has important implications for researchers, strategic planners and public policy makers. Multidisciplinary research seems necessary to answer this complex question identifying variables that influence PEB at individual level. In light of recent work


Solar Powered Vapour Absorption Refrigeration (SPVAR) System as a Rural Microenterprise

The continuous increase in the cost and demand for energy has led to more research and development to utilize available and renewable energy resources efficiently. The absorption refrigeration system (ARS) is becoming more important because it can produce higher cooling capacity than vapor compression systems, and it can be powered by other sources of energy


Drying of Fruits, Vegetables, Spices and Medicinal Plants with a Mixed-Mode Solar Drying System with Internal Reflectors

It is observed that, when the production is high, the farmers have to sell the food products on the same day of harvesting at very low price. A high moisture content of fresh food products leads to rapid deterioration in the quality of the product because of the growth of spoilage, toxigenic and infectious organisms.


Effect of Using Paperboard Bacterial Culture on Fermentative Hydrogen Production from Paperboard Mill Wastewater

The effect of paperboard bacterial culture (PBC) supplementation during fermentative hydrogen production under the variation of initial substrate concentration to inoculum (S/X) ratio was studied. The paperboard mill wastewater (PMW) has been used as substrate. The results showed that supplementation of heat-pretreated PBC to PMW substantially improved the hydrogen productivity. Where, the hydrogen yield (HY)


Waste Disposal Issues in a Philippine Upland Urban Center

Unsustainable human behavior and practices in relation to waste disposal invariably result to environmental degradation. Issues on these add to the ever-growing myriad of concerns and problems that beset highly urbanized centers all over the world. Previous and more recent studies on waste disposal in Baguio, an upland highly urbanized city in northern Philippines, indicate