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Study on Eco-Environment Crisis Coping with System of Russia under Sustainable Development Strategy Background

Ecological crisis is the challenge commonly faced by mankind, and it is environment protection topic emphasized by countries across the world. Russia stresses on coping eco-crisis issue in its sustainable development strategy in recent years, and it formulated Environment Protection Law of Russia and Ecological Appraisal Law of Russia, forming a set of ecological systems,


Does the Kitchen Location Matter? Comparing PM in Buildings in Irasa Community of Ado Ekiti, Nigeria

Predominate cooking fuel in majority of developing countries continues to be biomass fuel (agricultural wastes, wood, charcoal, sawdust, wood chip). In most cases, cooking is done on open fires and the incomplete combustion of the fuel during this process releases harmful pollutants into the atmosphere. Exposure to by-products of cooking fuels is a major global


Assessment of Impact of Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition on European Russia Forest

During the last two centuries, agriculture and the burning of fossil fuels have increased significantly the global pollutions and deposition of nitrogen compounds. Atmosphere nitrogen depositions influence on function of the natural habitat and limited nitrogen nutrition forests have particularly strong disturbance. The aim of our study was to assessment of effect of mineral nitrogen