Tag: Design/Implementation & Assessment of Innovative Technologies in Education


Assessing Information Literacy Skills of First Year Undergraduate Students

The present study aimed at assessing the information literacy skills of first year undergraduate students from author’s university. This study included four essential areas: the ability to (1) identify the information needs and sources; (2) locate information; (3) evaluate information; (4) synthesize information. We measured information literacy skills with questionnaire, multiple choice knowledge test and


Effect of Self-Paced Online Modules As Support for Instruction on Student Outcomes of Grade 10 Miriam College High School Students

The affordances of technology provide teachers innovative teaching methods (Wong, 2015; Parnell and Bartlett, 2012). In Miriam College High School (MCHS), an exclusive all-girls school in the Philippines, the academic programs (Science curricula), people (students, teachers), processes (procurement) and physical plant (Wi-Fi connectivity) have been shaped by e-learning. The 1:1 ratio of student-to-tablet PC and


The Effect of Game-Based Learning on Science 10 Test Scores

Game-based learning (GBL) is one of many methods that enhance the classroom learning environment by increasing student motivation and engagement. In recent years, the availability of game resources on the internet and the ubiquity of mobile devices have generated more interest in game-based learning. There are few researches, however, on whether it improves retention or


A Study of Open Courseware’s Learning Effectiveness on E-Book Production Professional Technique Competence for Design-Related Department Students

This study intended to use the development of a set of industrial technique oriented open courseware for E-Book production, as well as applied the open courseware as the Blended Learning to conduct a teaching experiment, in order to improve students of design-related departments for their E-Book Production competency, as well as satisfy with industries’ demand


Development of Physical Blocks with Communication Device for Visual Programming Study

The visual programming language Scratch is widely used to learn problem-solving skills and logical thinking; However, it is not easy for elementary school students to learn how to use Scratch language. Conventional Scratch learning has two different aspects on how to use the PCs to carry out various operations and programming. For students who are


The Usage Television Media That Taking Main Information From TRF Researches Focused on Cultural Tourism in Nakhonthai District, Pitsanulok Province

This research aims at using television media that takes its main information from TRF research focused on cultural tourism in Amphoe Nakhon Thai, Pitsanulok Province to disseminate knowledge to youths. The media has been developed from two TRF pieces of research. Its scope has been on 3 groups: 1) secondary school students in Amphoe Nakhon