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Exploring the Conflict of National Narratives in Taiwanese Film From Cultural Politics and the Market of Popular Culture

Policy of Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) is often integrated to cultural policy. However, cultural policy involves symbolic interaction and is entangled to politics, industries, social consciousness and resistance. This paper explores Taiwan’s policy of CCI in the past decade through perspectives of cultural studies by examining Taiwan’s film production, power, resistance, consumption, identity. Through


Searching Cultural Practices of Citizen Consumers and Modernity Through Popular Local Movies As an Imagined Community

Exploring meanings of daily life from popular culture implies a possibility of resistance against representation structured by powerful elites. This study uses textual analysis to interpret public and social meanings of local movies listed as most popular movies in local markets. From perspectives of cultural studies, annual top 10 movies produced by Taiwanese in the


Women as Reflected in Egyptian TV Commercials

In the Arab countries, many studies have tackled the image of women in different media platforms, like in drama, movies, literature, and in theatre; however, very few studies have focused on the image of women in advertisements whether in electronic or in print media. In Egypt, representation of women in TV commercials has received little


Queer Approach to Homosexuality in Indian Culture

Today homosexuality and queer identity is acceptable in more Indian youths than before, but still when it comes to families, home or even school, acceptance to their sexuality and also freedom to express it openly is of constant struggle. To a society which is bound by strict and rigid norms culturally and socially, especially which