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Choice of Access to the Media of the Older People In Srisa Jorakhaenoi Subdistrict Administration Organization Samutprakarn Province

The objective of the research to study correlation between the older people’s process of selection of access to the media and their self-care taking behavior. Methodology applied is survey. Samples are 295 older people at 60 years of age. Questionnaires are used as the tool for data gathering. Data gathering was conducted between 12-19 October


Verbal-, Textual-, Image- Traditional and New Media- Based Methodologies Adopted for the Study of Social Representations: The Integrative Perspective of the “Modelling Paradigmatic Approach”

Introduction: The communicative process through interaction and media has been one of the genetic dimensions of the Social Representation theory (Moscovici, 1961/1976, 2000) and it remains its core element after more than 50 years of the literature development (de Rosa, 2011a, 2011b, 2013, 2015; Jodelet, 1989; Sammut, Andreouli, Gaskell & Valsiner, 2015). However the focus