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Factors Affecting Decisions Concerning Pet-Related Service in Bangkok, Thailand

This research aims to study: 1) things that consumers want in pet malls; 2) information sources of consumers; and 3) criteria that consumers use to decide when choosing pet-related services. This is a quantitative research using questionnaire as the research instrument. Statistics used in the research are frequency, percentage, means, purposive sampling and accidental sampling.


Impact of Audit Committee Effectiveness on Audit Delay for Listed Commercial Banks in Indonesia

One of the objectives of financial reporting is to provide useful accounting information that will assist users in decision making. This information is required to be available within a short period of time from the end of reporting period. Audit committee plays an important role in providing timely accounting information. The purpose of this research


A Literature Review on the Strategy Planning, Implementation and Execution in Large Service Industry and Cultural Effects on Strategy Execution

The pedantic strategy is one of the key element of any cooperation’s success. However, the implementation of the strategy is very important as most of the strategy fails during the implementation stage. The implementation of the strategy is daunting task as it faces many challenges in today’s organizations which endeavors to achieve the performance but


Palm Oil Sustainability Certification and Firm Performance: Is There a Conflict Between RSPO and MSPO?

Malaysia is very proactive in governing its palm oil industry. As the second largest world exporter of palm oil it must not jeopardize its export earnings. The current requirement imposed on developing economies to export only RSPO-certified palm oil to the Western countries has raised concerns among the industry players. RSPO stands for Roundtable on


Study on Service Quality of Select Indian Banks: Usage of Data From Online Review Sites

Measuring Service Quality has bas been an area of interest for researchers since 1980s. As the retail banking institutions become more customer centric, the focus on customer service quality is increasing across the world. Pre-existing service quality frameworks such as SERVPERF and SERVQUAL have been applied to evaluate the quality levels in banking. However, these


A Study of Relocation Factors of Production Base and Investment of Japanese Investors from Thailand to CLMV+I Countries

This study aims to examine the relocation factors of production base and investment of Japanese investors from Thailand to CLMV+I countries. The samples were executives of Japanese companies or organizations in Thailand. Purposive sampling was used to select the samples. One short case study was used to collect the data. The research instrument was a