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Factors Affecting Decisions Concerning Pet-Related Service in Bangkok, Thailand

This research aims to study: 1) things that consumers want in pet malls; 2) information sources of consumers; and 3) criteria that consumers use to decide when choosing pet-related services. This is a quantitative research using questionnaire as the research instrument. Statistics used in the research are frequency, percentage, means, purposive sampling and accidental sampling.


Impact of Audit Committee Effectiveness on Audit Delay for Listed Commercial Banks in Indonesia

One of the objectives of financial reporting is to provide useful accounting information that will assist users in decision making. This information is required to be available within a short period of time from the end of reporting period. Audit committee plays an important role in providing timely accounting information. The purpose of this research


Strategy Development of Importation Perishable Products Using Business Process Analysis at Major Sea Ports of Indonesia

The collaboration among all stakeholders within the supply chain is necessary for the effectiveness of a business. This study explores the relationship among all stakeholders in the importation of perishable products at the major sea ports of Indonesia: Tanjung Priok port and Tanjung Perak port. Convenience sampling through in-depth interview was employed to analyze the


Logistics Cost Structure Analysis for the Development of Supply Chain Strategies on Aquaculture Business

The cost of logistics is one very important factor in the aquaculture business. Each tier in the supply chain will affect the risk and profit margins earned by each business actors. The study was conducted to identify supply chain’s tier in aquaculture business, analyzing the logistics’ cost structure, calculating profit margins, and develop supply chain