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Dilemma of Values in Public Policy Accountability: Implementation of the Street Vendors Empowerment Policy Network in Makassar City

Policy network is a container that can combine efficient and democratic values as the classic debate of the public accountability study until today. Community Empowerment Agency (CEA) is a network-based organization that implements street vendors policy in Makassar City. The aim of study is to explain the cognitive, normative, and regulative system of CEA in


A Study of Relocation Factors of Production Base and Investment of Japanese Investors from Thailand to CLMV+I Countries

This study aims to examine the relocation factors of production base and investment of Japanese investors from Thailand to CLMV+I countries. The samples were executives of Japanese companies or organizations in Thailand. Purposive sampling was used to select the samples. One short case study was used to collect the data. The research instrument was a