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Dilemma of Values in Public Policy Accountability: Implementation of the Street Vendors Empowerment Policy Network in Makassar City

Policy network is a container that can combine efficient and democratic values as the classic debate of the public accountability study until today. Community Empowerment Agency (CEA) is a network-based organization that implements street vendors policy in Makassar City. The aim of study is to explain the cognitive, normative, and regulative system of CEA in


A Study of Relocation Factors of Production Base and Investment of Japanese Investors from Thailand to CLMV+I Countries

This study aims to examine the relocation factors of production base and investment of Japanese investors from Thailand to CLMV+I countries. The samples were executives of Japanese companies or organizations in Thailand. Purposive sampling was used to select the samples. One short case study was used to collect the data. The research instrument was a


An Empirical Study of Cloud Maturity across Industries

The cloud adoption can be regarded as a paragon shift of business transaction, which will accompany with business process reengineering. How do cloud systems be implemented to enhance the business processes across industries? By conducting a empirical survey, this study focuses on the comparison of the cloud adoption across industries in Taiwan. This research project


Demand on Commodities Contributor of Poverty in Aceh Province: Analyses on Urban Households

Commodities contributor of poverty is dominated by food commodities. Rice and cigarette filter are commodities that contributes a lot to poverty. Other commodities are; fish, electricity and LPG. This study analyzed the demand of urban household for commodities contributor of poverty in Aceh province by using Almost Ideal Demand System (AIDS) model. Further, this research


Guidelines for Improving Productivity, Inventory, Turnover Rate, and Level of Defects in the Plastic Industry

The purposes of this study are to study the current situation, opportunity, and obstacle in plastic industry, to create a model for improving the efficiency, reducing level of inventory, turnover, and level of defect. This study used snowball sampling from 20 companies from plastic industry in Thailand. The results found that 18 companies are medium


Health Care Policy in Thailand: Hurting or Giving Hopes? Human Resources and Collaboration Perspectives

In the past decade, amidst the criticisms of health care policy of a developed and powerful country like the United States, Thailand’s public health care policy has been praised internationally. The country__s policy has been admired for its justice in providing the public health care services at a low and affordable cost. Unlike in many


Twenty-Five Years after the Fall of Communism: Toward a Symbolic Interactionist Approach to the Study of Corruption in Central and Eastern Europe

Even when the domestic political system has undergone reform, it sometimes seems unlikely that any outside force can introduce enough of a __carrot and stick__ approach to persuade a country to maintain momentum. This article is concerned with understanding the cultural peculiarities of fighting corruption and building civil society in Romania, where despite the tough


Governing International Commercial Contract Law: The Framework of Implementation to Establish the ASEAN Economy Community 2015

The Head of the State Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) in Summit of Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) in 2007 on Cebu, Manila agreed to accelerate the implementation of ASEAN Economy Community (AEC), which was originally 2020 to 2015. This means that within the next seven months, the people of Indonesia