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Research on the Structural Forms of Dance

This paper which is about dance structure is the summary of the author’s practical experience, and could be regarded as a kind of theoretical exploration on the dance structure. It is presented mainly from the perspective of dance creation practice. However, research approaches used here are certainly interdisciplinary. To be more specific, the study refers


Tagubhang: The Lifeblood of Living Traditions

Tagubhang is a literary theory conceived through the inspiration of the continuous rendition and performance of the oral narrative tradition of the people of Partido, a culturally-rich district in Camarines Sur, Bicol Region, Philippines. It has been conceived upon the observation of the poetics of the oral narratives locally called as osipon, systematically collected in


Justice As Mercy and Revenge: Antigone, Medea, Montecristo, Yong Pal

This paper is about personal justice understood in two of its opposite manifestations, mercy and revenge, and oriented against official and public law seen as untrustworthy. It is also about globalized archetypes and intercultural communication. The archetype chosen for mercy is Sophocle’s play Antigone, and the archetype for revenge is Euripides’ Medea. Some evolution will be


Discussion and Application of 3D and 2D Aperture Problems

In Kinetic art, most visual effects are related to visual psychology. By the mean of literature review, this current study analyzed the dynamics optical illusion between the 3D aperture problems caused by rotating the form with spiral pattern and the 2D aperture problems caused by dynamic flat line from the angle of visual psychology. Based


Can My Art Do Me Justice? A Feminist Reading of Hend Al-Mansour’s Works of Art

Many outsiders of Saudi society have misconceptions of that culture, especially when it comes to issues of women, gender roles and expectations. Due to unfair representation of women in Western media, many would assume that Islam is a patriarchal religion that oppresses women. The ideology of gender roles and expectations that is represented in Hend