ISSN: 2188-9627 The European Conference on Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences 2015: Official Conference Proceedings

ECP2015 Thistle Brighton, Brighton, United Kingdom
ECP2015 Conference Theme: “Power”
Monday, July 6, 2015 - Wednesday, July 8, 2015
ISSN: 2188-9627

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Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents

An Application of Asset Based Community Development Approach:
A Case Study from Rural Community in Egypt

Alyaa Farouk Hessin
Hamid Eltgani Ali
Khaled Amin
Shahjahan Bhuiyan
Hamed El-Mosley

Exploring the Mediating Role of Employee Motivation in the
Relationship Between Post-Selection Human Resource Management
(Hrm) Practices and Organizational Performance

Yasir Sharif
Aftab Tariq Dar

Mean Girls in the Legal Workplace
Carole L. Stephens

Psychological Well-Being and Bullying/Victimisation among
Adolescents from Polygamous and Monogamous Families in Saudi Arabia

Mohammad AL-Sharfi

Self Efficacy and Locus of Control as Predictors of Prosocial
Behaviour and Organizational Commitment among a Sample of Nigerian Nurses

Olukayode Ayooluwa Afolabi
Mary Olayinka Alade

Job Stress and Occupational Burnout among Police Personnel:
Moderating Roles of Gender and Marital Status

Bolanle Ogungbamila
Ibukun Fajemirokun

Classifying and Defining Heterogeneity within Antisocial Behaviour
Saima Eman
Roderick I. Nicolson
Mark Blades

Stages of Consciousness Formation
Mikhailo Yurjevich Mianiye
Larysa Makarova

A Comparative Study on Positive Psychological Well-being
between Chinese and Taiwanese University Freshmen

Dai Qian
Rong-Xuan Chu

Emotional Intelligence and Self-Esteem in Adolescence
Evanthia Ganetsou
Nefeli Ladaki
Nastassja Brennan Devine

Sensitivity and Interpretativity- Between
Schizoaffective Disorder and Paranoid Schizophrenia

Simona Trifu
Eduard George Carp
Anca Gutt
Constantin Cristina
Stoian Alexandra

Cumulative Perspective of Expression
Pathological Love (Libidinal Fixation)

Simona Trifu
Dan Cioc
Ramona Sterea
Anca Gutt
Eduard George Carp

Hearing Filipino Journalists Side of the Story:
A Mixed Method Approach

Anna Gabrielle F. Cerezo
Alison D. Galian
Gianina Kyla Q. Mañalac
Ma. Patricia R. Ysmael
Maria Caridad H. Tarroja

The Difference of Perception of Facial Emotions
for People with Different Ages

Sayyara Hasanli

An Integrated Model of Counseling, Support,
and Ancillary Services for Caregivers of Dementia Patients

Jane Roberts

Gender Differences in the Relationship between Job
Instability and Depression: A Preliminary Study

Chiara Fornoni
Francesco Comandatore