ISSN: 2189-101X – The Asian Conference on Education & International Development 2015: Official Conference Proceedings

ACE-ID2015 The Osaka International Convention Center, Osaka, Japan
Conference Theme: “Education, Power and Empowerment: Education as an Instrument of Global Transformation”
Sunday, March 29, 2015 - Wednesday, April 1, 2015
ISSN: 2189-101X


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Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents

Graduate Students' Perceptions of the Problems
in Writing Research Articles in English in Higher Education:
A Taiwan-Based Study

Shih-Chieh Chien

Mitigating Climate Change by Household Sector: Keys of Promoting
Energy-Efficient Appliances

Shis-Ping Lin

Technology Integration in a Taiwan Elementary School: Analysis
of Effects of School Principal Leadership from a Change Agent Perspective

Chien-Hsing Wang

Student Loans, Rising College Tuition and the Social and Economic
Effects in the United States

Gerard J. White

Pre-Service Teachers Teaching Effectiveness: The Nueva Vizcaya
State University Experience

Bonimar A. Tominez
Leila M. Dela Cruz

Using Bioloid Robots as Tangible Learning Companions for Enhancing
Learning of a Semaphore Flag-Signaling System

Sheng-Wen Hsieh
Yi-Cheng Shih

Developing Thai Students' Analytical Thinking and Presentation Skills
through Mind-Mapping Techniques

Phasuk Boontham

The Study of Writing Reflective Cases to Promote Student Teachers
Professional Growth

Wei-Yu Liu

Delegation and Intervention of Education Policy in the UK
Yoshihiro Nagata

Self-Efficacy of Preservice Teachers toward Differentiation
Ayidh Abdullah AlGarni

The Endangered Dialect of the Bugkalots/em>
Cynthia Grace T. Valdez

Constructing the Principal Technology Leadership Competency Indicators
for Vocational High Schools in Taiwan

Wen-Jye Shyr
Tsung-Chin Lo

The Relationship of Mathematics Learning Achievement, School Life,
and Language Ability of Southeastern Asian
Female Immigrants’ Children in Taiwan)

Hsieh-Hua Yang
Yi-Horng Lai,
Fen-Fen Huang,
Shu-Chen Kuo

Space[Less]City: Students' Perceptive Journey beyond Urban Analysis
Cristiano Luchetti

Proposing an Innovative Library Management System for Afghanistan:

Mohammad Hanif Gharanai
Paracha Samiullah

Salvaging Nigeria Tertiary Education through Public-Private Partnerships:
Issues and Constraints

Christopher Chuks Ugwuogo

Relationship Between Multiple Intelligences and Performance in Technology
Livelihood Education: Basis
for Differentiated Instruction

Sheila Silang

International Education and Global Education of High Schools in Taiwan
Wen-Chuan Huang

Challenges and Benefits Those New Technologies Bring to Teaching

Nina Stankous
Martha Buibas

Shining Stars amidst Dark Clouds: Enhancing Positive Aging through a
European Project

Maria José Gonçalves

An Analysis of Creative Process Learning in Computer Game Activities
through Player Experiences

Wilawan Inchamnan

Constructing and Validating Behavioral Components Scale of Motivational
Goals in Mathematics

Nancy Castro
Michelle Cruz
Maria Socorro Sadaya
Elimar Ravina

Academic Success and Emotional Competence in the Higher Education Nursing

Alexandrina de Jesus Serra Lobo
Susana Alexandra Sevivas Santos
Delfina Ana Pereira Ramos Teixeira
Vitor Manuel Teixeira Machado
Abel Jose Charneco Martins

Students' Perception on Using Movies in Medical Education
Adlina Suleiman
Aye Aye Mon
Halyna Lugova
Edariah Abu Bakar

VISSER: Addressing the Need for Modern Science Laboratories
in the Philippines

John Raymond Pingol
Ranzivelle Marianne Roxas-Villanueva
Giovanni Tapang

The Teaching of Speech and Oral Communication in English for Computer
Studies Students: A Needs Analysis

Elimar Alupay Ravina

Is More the Merrier: The Relationship between Taiwan University Students
English Language Learning Strategies and English Proficiency Test Performance

Chia-Yin Chen
Yuhshi Lee
Szu-An Chen

Readiness of School Administrators in Developing and Managing Thai Schools
for the Aec

Phornsak Sucharitrak

Material Selection, Design and Construction through CALL:
EFL Teacher Reflection

Suphatra Sucharitrak

A Story from a School Development Program in the Heart of Borneo,

Maryam Mursadi

University/NGO Cooperation on Small-Scale Education
Projects: Nursery School for North Dagon Township

Marshall Smith

Higher Education Curricula for Sustainable Development
Chia-Ling Wang

Development of Knowledge Management Skill and Nursing Innovation
Development Competency among Thai Nursing Students

Nongnaphat Rungnoei
Junjira Seesawang
Khwanta Klinhom
Pisamorn Dechduan
Chanapa Somjai

An Expert Module of an Intelligent Tutoring System
Mona Hafez Mahmoud
Sanaa Hassan Abo El-Hamayed

Effects of Two Implementations of Cross-Age Repeated Reading Treatments
Yun Chu Ko
Ting Hsuan Tsai
Feng-lan Kuo
Midori Inaba
Wan-ting Weng

The Follow-Up Study on the Impact of the 101s Positive Discipline Parent
Training on First-Grade Children's Executive Function Development

Chattree Boonyanant
Vasunun Chumchua
Nuanchan Chutabhakdikul
Panadda Thanasetkorn

The Relativizer That: A Corpus-Based Interlanguage Study
Supakorn Phoocharoensil

Expedition Theory: Bridging Teaching and Learning for Aesthetic Development
Chitra Chandrashekhar

A Study of Comparatively Low Achievement University Students' Bilingualized
Dictionary Use and Their English Learning

Szu-An Chen

The Comparison of Two Different Text Processing Skills to Enhance EFL Reading Comprehension: Summarizing vs Listing the Main Points
Ayse Dilek Demirtas

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Promote Innovation and Creativity in the
Field of Sustainability

Zhu H. Ning
Michael Stubblefield
VerJanis A. Peoples
Patrick Mensah
Kamran Abdollahi

Integrative and Interactive Teaching and Learning about Sustaining the
Natural Resources
in a Changing Climate

Zhu H. Ning
Kamran Abdollahi
Michael Stubblefield

How to Visually Analyze Verbal and Nonverbal Skills of Students' Oral

Jung-Lung Hsu
Yen-Liang Chen
Hung-Jen Fang
Huey-Wen Chou

Research on Environmental Education Management Combined with Factory Touring
Based on Field Theory Sonispa Tourism Factory in Taiwan

Chung Chang Lien

The Parents' Cognition Attitude to Carry Out the Twelve Years Education
Policy in Taiwan

Tzong-Shing Cheng
Shu-Wei Chen
Shu Chen Lee

High School Dropouts: An Issue for the Individuals and the Country
Guadalupe Medina

The Study of 12th Grade Student's View of Nature of Science: Classroom
Action Research

Waralee Sinthuwa
Kamonwan Kanyaprasith