Conference: ACCS2018

Research Focused on the User: Proposal for a New Service Design of Healthy Breakfast Diet Between Taipei Urbanites

In the Highly industrialized society, the big environment has to face the problem with fast food culture. People want fast, convenient, and tasty meal. The big companies promote the advertisements which was beneficial to them and the “fake” flavor of processed fast food seems to be “normal” flavor when they eat. More and more urbanite

Reading Girls’ Agency: The Pillow Book and Flower Tales, Past and Future

The topic of this paper emerged from a deceptively simple question: When and why did the linkage between girlhood and same-sex love emerge in Japanese culture? Ostensibly, the answer is clear. Flower Tales [Hana Monogatari] (1916–1924), a serialized girls’ novel by the Japanese popular writer Yoshiya Nobuko, featured flowers and romantic same-sex friendships, coupled together,

At the Risk of Sounding Different: Literary Representations of English Language Learners

Classroom scenes are commonly found in literary works featuring English-language learners. In such scenes, protagonists are often challenged in their ability to communicate with teachers or peers. The most immediate obstacles to clearer communication and understanding would seem to pertain to difficulties in hearing and listening to others. However, in the larger contexts of the

From Booms to Bailouts: The Writing of Risk 1980-2016

As the product of newly deregulated practices, financial culture drew upon ambition in business, and freedom in practice, to produce a hedonistic culture fueled by consumerism and individualism across the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. What began as an economic and ideological strategy of Thatcherite economics soon became a cultural and social trend that

Language Education and Education for Sustainable Development: Valuing Diversity in the Global Linguistic Ecosystem

Indigenous cultures are special concerns of UNESCO because of their unique status as predominantly oral cultures who carry important traditional knowledge and who face significant risk of language and culture loss. Educators and policy makers need to be informed about the complexities of dealing with these groups. The very notion of literacy education carries important

Using Cultural Music to Teach Cross-Cultural Perspectives

This study utilizes cultural music to teach cross-cultural perspective. From 2006 to 2017, cultural music from several parts of the world, from the same CD were played. To date, at least 430 student responses have been collected. Initially the choice of music, although from the same CD, was more in random order and ranged from

Fraught But Not Fearful Futures: Wilful Optimism and ‘Intercultural’ Cultural Studies at the Crossroads Between Culture Clash and Cosmopolis

In response to ACCS 2018’s call to chart “different paths” through today’s “fearful futures” of political polarization, this presentation proposes that cultural studies move forward informed by an analytic orientation explained through discussing the conference-call key words ‘cosmopolitanism’ and ‘agency.’ Cultural studies can thereby “rise to the challenge of articulating a notion of human rights

Textual and Cultural Readings of Boys Over Flowers: Intra-Regional Influence As Seen From the Perspective of Translation

This paper proposes to study the Japanese manga series created by Kamio Yoko, Hanayori dango (Boys over Flowers), as it was adapted into TV dramas in Taiwan, Mainland China and Korea in the 1990s, where it achieved enormous success with audiences from varying cultural backgrounds. In research carried out so far, there is little in-depth

“Let’s Start Over”: Wong Kar Wai, Hong Kong, and I

Polley views Hong Kong from many angles: population demographics, critical theory, vernacular criticism, the media, creative nonfiction, and self-reflexivity. These intersect in the work of Wong Kar Wai as remediated through the matrix of Polley’s own white (or gweilo) Hong Kong identity. Wong’s 60s trilogy—Days of Being Wild (1990), In the Mood for Love (2000),

Queer Posthumanism in Ming Wong’s Video Installations and Performance Art

This paper examines on Singaporean artist Ming Wong and his selected video works that deal with identity, gender and displacement which concerned with the ways the artist’s body and his queerness inhabit and move across familiar, national and diasporic locations. Ming Wong’s video works re-create different layers of cinematic languages, social structure, gender and identity

Development of Traditional Tourism to Inherit Culture and Local Wisdom of Food of Marginal Culture Group in Kanchanaburi Province

This research aimed to study a tradition of food and food security including local products which could be developed to become tourism product in the marginal area of Kanchanaburi province. Sangkhlaburi district and Thong Pha phum district were defined to be the study area. Data collection of this qualitative research were observation and semi-structured interviewing.

Creating Peace: Contemplative Practices As an Agency for Peace

Encounters with beauty can serve as an engaging and powerful agency for peace. Over the past few decades, the interest in the contemplative practices of world wisdom traditions has been expanding. Higher education has also incorporated these “inner sciences”, as they are often called. Contemplative practices foster a more compassionate understanding of the behavior and

Cultural Waves, Cultural Tourism and Cultural Integration in East Asia

Cultural integration can contribute to substantially reducing international conflicts. In this study, we examine how popular cultural waves and tourism (or cultural tourism in particular) in Japan, Korea and Taiwan have been facilitating multi-cultural integration in East Asia during the last two decades. Japan’s popular culture was the first wave to gain momentum in this

Filipino Migrant Care Workers’ Strategies of Resistance and Adaptation in Dealing with Complex Belongings

This paper focuses on Filipino migrant care workers’ trajectories and their strategies of resistance and adaptation in trying to manage acculturation stress and complex belongings. Drawing on the work of scholars such as Berry (1997; 2005; 2008; 2009; Berry and Sabatier 2011; Gui et al 2012), Collins and Bilge (2016), Davies (2016), Ehrenreich and Hochschild

Post-Transitional Challenges of Older Adult Women in Mongolia

Over the past two and a half decades, Mongolia has undertaken significant social, economic, political, and cultural changes with the transition to free-market democracy in 1990. Before the transition, Mongolia led a planned socialist system, which lasted nearly seventy years since 1921. The transition to a market democracy was unknown context to many Mongolians, and

Different Body, Same Status: An Ethical Reflection in the Case of the Niger Delta in Kaine Agary’s Yellow-Yellow (2006)

As an attempt to publicly bring forth the deterioration of people and their surrounding environment, becoming another voice to resist the destruction of the ecological systems and their inhabitants of the Niger Delta, Kaine Agary with her novel Yellow-Yellow (2006) explores the effects of the ecological destruction that socially and environmentally impacts marginalized groups of

The Dynamics of Banana Cultivation As a Farmers’ Livelihood Strategy

Farmers conduct varieties of activities as their livelihood strategies. In Sarampad and Talaga villages, West Java, Indonesia, one of their livelihood strategies is developing banana cultivation. The objective of this study is to analyze the dynamic of the banana cultivation in these villages, by looking at the interplay between structure and agency. Using a qualitative

Dear White Teachers, Please Do Better: An Anticolonial Feminist Pedagogy for Educators

This paper presentation is a starting point to discuss how to bring anticolonial feminist pedagogy into the classroom, specifically for white settler teachers, so we can ‘do better’ by/with our students. I first explain anticolonial feminism, which is a specific, political lens in order to understand race, gender, sexuality, colonization, inclusion, multiculturalism, subjectivities, accountable spaces,

I Am What They Like: Selective Performances on Social Media and the Reproduction of Fear in Neoliberal Thailand

“I am what I eat, I am what I own, I am what I post, I am what they like” well describes the culture of social media usage in Thailand. Living in neoliberal society with vulnerable socio-economic conditions, individuals’ self-actualisation has been lowered. From the lens of performance studies, I propose that at one layer

The Role of Cosmopolitan Locals in Promoting Sustainable Tourism in Rural Area

Tourism development in rural area often triggers migration. Apart from a number of migrants who newly arrived as small business operators or migrant workers, some locals who once left the communities for better education and job opportunities in modern cities also come back to conduct tourism related activities. Recent studies show that the latter group