Conference: ACAS2017

Integration of English Language and Music Literacy As Innovative Pedagogy for 21st Century Learning

Teachers are facilitators of learning. As a catalyst of learning, innovative pedagogy is needed to add flavor, light and life in the classroom. As individuals develop, there are different opportunities and constraints for learning. Learning is most effective when differential development within and across physical, intellectual, emotional, and social domains is taken into account. Hence,

Music Pedagogy for the 21st Century Globalized Curriculum

Teaching in the 21-century is an altogether different phenomenon. Teaching strategies would always vary based from the learning styles of the 21st century learners and other factors affecting the learning environment. In order to produce 21st century teachers, the teacher education curriculum and instruction must also focus on how to teach 21st century learners. There

Refugees Crisis in the Human Security Agenda of South-East Asian Countries

Despite Southeast Asian countries, with the exception of Cambodia and Philippines, aren’t a part of the 1951 Convention related to the Status of Refugees and its 1967 Protocol. The refugee crisis remains one among the most influenced issues that the Southeast Asian region faced until now. This research paper seeks to analyze and discuss the

Patriotic Rhetoric in Chinese Public Space

As a primary means of communication language, spoken or written is an indispensable tool for philosophers, religious preachers and political propagandists. What message reaches their audience to a great extent dependents on the skills of the speakers/writers and the rhetorical technics applied by them. In consequence, what is known about the message is often more

A Study of User Behavioral Intention to Use Line’s Ugly E-Stickers Based on Technology Acceptance Model

As development of technology and popularity of mobile device in recent years the way of communication between people has been a great change, in which the demand for mobile communication applications have gradually increased.Among the many social communication applications in Taiwan, LINE is the most frequently used communication application. In addition to its convenience and

Perceptions of the Pre-Service Teachers on Multi-Cultural Education

Multicultural education was created to provide educators with a platform for working with such diverse school populations and achieving justice within societies marked by inequalities based on language, gender, socioeconomic status, or religion (Banks, 2004; Alanay & Aydin, 2016); democracy (Ozen, 2016); respect and togetherness (Salgur, 2015); and equality (King, 2004). This concept is relevant

Maritime Diplomacy: The Significance of ASEAN’s Single Political Action Towards the South China Sea Dispute Settlement Through A Maritime Security Approach

South China Sea conflict has become a significant discourse among international community; not just because China’s claim has breached the sovereignty of several states and shifting the world’s balance of power, but also because it challenges the stability on one of the world’s most important sea-routes. South East Asia is the region with the most

Strategic Outlook for the Indian Ocean in 2030: The Role of IORA in Ocean Governance and in Maintaining Regional Maritime Security

By 2030 the Indian Ocean will become the busiest and most important global sea lane of communications which connects the world. Seeing the strategic location of this ocean, many actors force their interests to the region which might lead to clash of interests and increase the number of non-traditional maritime threats in the Indian Ocean.

Transborder Mobility and (Re)construction of Boundaries in the Sino-North Korea Borderland

Most of the existing research on the migration in the Sino-North Korea borderland ignores the pre-existing fluidity of legal and illegal mobility between the northern part of North Korea and the northern provinces of China. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the land around the border between North Korea and China was the ethnic

A Curator(Ial) Collaborative: Curating Contemporary Asian Art in an Australian Context

This presentation begins with an examination of the historical relationship in cultural shifts in Australia, which reflects the re-orientation towards the Asia-Pacific region and the development of Asian contemporary art over the last two decades. This research reflects my cultural and artistic position on the imposition of Australian culture on Asian culture and vice versa.

Cultural Knowledge Pedagogy for Higher Education

Pedagogy in higher education curriculum is very important in dealing with students who have different cultures. Since, every individual is unique, so teachers must vary their methods of teaching, content of the lessons and type of evaluation that will fit to the type of learners. Thus, this theoretical and empirical study aimed to analyze the

An Issue of Suicidal Woman and Feminism in Vietnam: Situations, Solutions, and It’s Effects on Society

Gender inequality is a normal and prevalent fact in Vietnam since the early years of the 20th century. However, when Viet Nam was colonized by the French this southeast Asian country was exposed to Western culture including Feminism. Although most social positions were quite varied, traditional views of woman’s role and functions were equally dismal.