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Tobacco Harm Reduction: Communication Strategy to Build Awareness of Smokers— A Case Study in Indonesia

The number of smokers in Indonesia currently reached 66 million (25.09%) of the total number of smokers population reaching 264 million. The government has issued various rules to reduce the number of smokers, but the results are still not effective. This study aims to determine the influence of demographics, economy, health, the role of government


Transmedia Adaptation: A Content Analysis of Audience’s Perception of Chinese Intellectual Property TV Series—“The Bad Kids” on the

This research paper aims to explore the audience’s perception of the “transmedia adaptation” of the Chinese intellectual property (IP) TV series “The Bad Kids” on the popular Chinese social media platform, The study utilizes a quantitative content analysis approach to examine audience comments and sentiments regarding the adaptation. The research question focuses on how


Communication as a Social Science

The study of communication is usually treated as a social scientific discipline. At the same time, it is often placed under the aegis of the ‘human science’, suggesting it is a discipline within the humanities. Hence, the objective of this presentation is to delineate the nature and scope of communication as a social science per


The Adolescents’ Habitual Use of New Media: The Mapping of New Media Habit Indonesian Adolescents

The future of the world, culture, and style will be owned by digital native. For that reason, the comprehension of the life, behavior, and habit of adolescent as the digital natives becomes a significant issue to be observed. So far, there is no any comprehensive and massive data related to adolescent habitual use of media


The Views of University Students on Sponsorship

Sponsorship is an important work area for public relations academics and practitioners. Sponsorship connections between an organization and its publics can lead to mutually beneficial relationships and outcomes. Sponsorship is a way of achieving a number of public relations, advertising and marketing objectives for organizations. University students have various views on sponsorship. In this study


The Level of Mass Media Usage of Electors in Political Enlightenment: A Fieldwork with University Students

Electors, one of the most important actors of elections, want to have a deep knowledge about alternative parties and candidates in order to decide which party or candidate to vote for before acting voting. For this reason they head towards their families, circle of friends, social groups they belong to, opinion leaders and mass media.


News Coverage of Municipal Elections 2014 in the Turkish Press

On December 17, 2013, as Turkey was on the brink of a new year awaiting three important elections, three separate corruption investigations started against the administration which was already criticized with showing authoritarian attitudes since the Gezi Park events. Minister children and ministers were among the prosecuted in this first wave, and a follow up