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Religious Education of Lifelong Learning in Taiwan Weixin Shengjiao I Ching University

From the mid 1980s to 1990s, the political and economic environment underwent an important change in Taiwan. The President of Republic of China (Taiwan) Lee Teng-Hui declared the Temporary Provisions Effective during the Period of Communist Rebellion to be terminated in 1991. Along with the footsteps of democratization, the policies regarding religion and education have


Thoughts and Practises of Religious Education in Alternative Schools in Turkey

Operators, researchers and other social elements in the field of education, have long been discussing the outputs of education. Today what the educators in most schools attach importance to is the competitive sense rather than individual differences. Therefore, alternative education and alternative schools are progressively becoming common throughout Turkey. The basic objective of this study


Asoke Buddhist Education in Thailand

This paper looks into the Buddhist community-based education in the Asoke Buddhist villages in Thailand. The Asoke Buddhist movement has been running its own schools for the last thirty years. Thousands of young people have been trained in these samma sikkha schools. Many of the young people subsequently stay in the Asoke groups and may