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The Courses on Inclusive Education in Departments of Early Childhood Education in Taiwanese Universities

According to official statistics, more than 90% of the preschool-aged children with disabilities in Taiwan are placed in regular education classes in recent years. In the trend toward inclusive education, it is crucial for early childhood education majors to understand inclusive education and practice it. However, numerous studies have noted that preschool educators are not


ICT Use: Changing Students’ Perception in Learning Grammar Through Kahoot Program

The background of the study in this research is based on the researcher’s experience when doing teaching practice, in which method used by the teacher in teaching and learning process was often assumed as the factor that causes the students uninterested in learning grammar. In Indonesia, especially in East Indonesia, some teacher still used a


Design a Pilot Program Based on the Storyboard to Teach an Iraqi Displaced Children: Experimental Study

The storyboard is a world-class art that uses storytelling to use scenes or sequential drawings to express text written in a specific script to play an important role in spreading visual culture.This important of this research is to use the impact of this art to provide a pilot program specialized based on the storyboard to


The Use of Comics to Development the Effectiveness of Training Courses and Continuing Education Programs

Training courses are a series of intensive important educational and complementary programs, based on previous foundation experiences. Create to development the participants in aspects of specialization according to the requirements of the educational system to continue developing the previous scientific and practical experiences. Personally, or adopted by the trainee institution, where the trainee gets a


Innovative Methods of Teaching of Radiology to Undergraduate Medical Students

The current generation of doctors have become very much dependant on radiology for making a diagnosis.Therefore it is imperative that the medical student learns radiology at the undergraduate level itself. In order to encourage and motivate students in learning radiology I have devised an innovative and unique method in teaching the subject of radiology.The main