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The Analysis of History, Story and Narrative: A Case Study of Contemporary Performing Arts, “Jao Jan Phom Hom: Nirat”

Jao Jan Phom Hom: Nirat Phrathat In Khwaen by Mala Khamchan (Mr.Charoen Malaroj), is a famous work of Thai literature awarded The Southeast Asian Writers Award in 1991. The literature imagined the portrait about sentimentality and emotion of an unfamiliar princess in an antecedent, which has never been found or recorded in history. The story is


The Reflection of Justice in Performing Art: A Case Study of Contemporary Performing Art “Mae-Dok-Bhu-Som”

The Lady of the Camellias (La Dame aux camelias) by Alexandre Dumas, Fils, is the most famous French novel, firstly published in 1848. It was translated and published in Thai language by Sangworn Krileak (first publication in 1981). The literature illustrated the social problems related with French morality during the middle of 1800s. It presents sentimentality


Indian Temples and Erotic Sculptural Art

Sex in the religious art of Indian culture presents an interesting subject. A sexual representation in Indian religious art is undertaken here to understand and explain the socio-cultural forces behind the seemingly anomalous situation. These idealistic hypotheses also explain why, in this particular period of history, there is such a vast outburst of sexual depiction.