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Crafting Digital Strategies: Empathy, Technology and Design Education

The 2009 research “Designer of 2015” presented by the AIGA, a series of competencies were outlined for future designers and its impact in design education. Among these, the research mentions experiences, systems, and services as new trends in design education, going beyond the creation of single design artifacts but the generation of multilevel strategies. Others,


The Night of Science: Optics and Photonics for All

Today, optics and photonics are widely regarded as among the key technologies for this century. Many experts even anticipate that the 21st century will be the century of the photon – much as the 20th century was the century of the electron. Optics and photonics technologies have impact on nearly all areas of our life


Videogame Technologies for a Neurosciences Program

In this paper we present the advances corresponding to the implementation of a laboratory for neuronal rehabilitation using videogames technologies. In this laboratory we develop interactive technologies (videogames, virtual reality material, specialized devices, etc.) to be used and introduced in the Neuroscience bachelor’s degree program, which will be offered by Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México