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The Relationships among Couple Bond, Family Responsibility, and Couple Satisfaction in Thai Couples

With the increased number of couple relationship problems within Thailand, it becomes necessary to find ways to enhance these relationship. One such way was to clarify the expectation that the partners have regarding their relationships, or relationship standards.These standards are generally viewed as relevant to two domains: 1) couple bond and 2) family responsibility (Hiew,


An Initial Development of the Thai Version of the Social Anxiety Acceptance and Action Questionnaire (SA-AAQ) For Undergraduate Students

Adjustment to college transition can be challenging. The challenges could compromise the benefits undergraduates could obtain from college learning in various ways. The anxiety that the undergraduates experience upon their social interaction could be one of such challenges. Recently, attempts have been made to alleviate such anxiety referring to the framework of Acceptance and Commitment


Social Art Activities in a Nursing Home: A Pilot Study in Indonesia

This pilot study investigates the feasibility, acceptability and the effectiveness of social art activities for reducing symptoms of depression of Indonesian elderly people who live in a nursing home. Sixteen depressed elderly people with ages ranging from 65 to 85 years old were selected randomly in a nursing home to join 12 sessions of a-90


The Effectiveness of Self Management Program ‘Bipolar Beraksi’ in Decreasing the Frequency, Intensity or Duration of Bipolar Moods

Bipolar Disorder is a kind of mood disorder which contains of mania or hypomania episode, depressive episode, or the combination of both. Preliminary study on people with a bipolar disorder shows that they need some improvement on self-illness management because frequency, intensity, and duration of this bipolar disorder seem to come often and disturbs people’s


Self Concept in Adolescent Lesbians Living with HIV: A Case Study

This research is self-concept study in adolescent lesbians living with HIV. The study objectives are studying self-concept, lifestyles, parenting styles and social support in 4 cases study of adolescent lesbians who are HIV infected from maternal, clinical and antiretroviral (ARV) follow up at Srinagarind Hospital, Khon Kaen University, Khon Kaen province, Thailand. A self-concept questionnaire


Understanding Emotion Recognition among Malaysian Malay Adults With and Without Major Depressive Disorder

Depression is a mood disorder that affects a large number of people worldwide and in Malaysia the number of people diagnosed with depression is on the rise. Impairments in emotion processing and regulation lead to depression. It was found that those with MDD had impaired emotion processing abilities especially in recognition of emotion. This study


Coping Strategies of Female Adolescents Living with HIV

This research is on coping strategies in female adolescents living with HIV. The study objectives are study in coping strategies in 3 dimensions that are personal, family and school context. The case study are female adolescents living with HIV, who acquired HIV from maternal, clinical and antiretroviral follow up at Srinagarind Hospital, Khon Kaen University,


Forensic Investigation Protocol on Marital Nullity for Psychologists in the Philippines

The literature on the legal aspect of marital nullity in the Philippines has significantly increased since The Family Code has given birth to the idea of psychological incapacity. And while there appears to be voluminous cases of annulment that have been filed, there remains to be a dearth of literature in the parameters of responsible


Philippine Practice of Forensic Clinical Psychology in Marital Nullification: From Client Assessment to Court Appearance

There appears to be a dearth of documentation of forensic clinical psychology practice in the Philippine cases of marital nullification, as seen from the lens of forensic clinical psychology. The documentation of the forensic clinical psychology practices in marital nullification in this paper comes from the practitioner’s actual clinical data and his rich clinical experiences


Stigma in People with Schizophrenia in Griya Pmi Peduli, Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia

The purposes of this research are (1) Determining public’s view of people with schizophrenia in ‘Griya PMI Peduli Surakarta’ (2) Determining the cause of stigma in people with schizophrenia in ‘Griya PMI Peduli Surakarta’. This research was a type of qualitative study by using phenomenological approach. The sampling technique in this research was a type


The Correlation between Work and Family Balance and Quality of Life, with Gender as Mediator Variable among Java Ethnic Group

The economic burdens has forced some families all around the world to have dual carriers. In such situation, having work and family balance (WFB) becomes crucial, since men and women, unlike the old days, are expected to be successful in both areas: family and work, in order to achieve their quality of life. Earlier studies


Evaluating the Age of Juveniles in the Juvenile Justice System of India From a Developmental and Mental Health Perspective

The current study aims at evaluating the recent lowering of age of Juveniles (from 18 years to 16 years), who will be tried as adults in the Juvenile Justice System of India, from a developmental and mental health perspective. Based on the study, recommendations to promote mental health of adolescents have been presented. This research