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The Construction of ‘Singapore’ In Singapore Cinema

“The fact that we have this multiracial mix is problematic for our cinema…” (David Lee, Vice Chairman, Singapore Film Society). Supported by excerpts from my documentary on the same topic, this paper will explore how race and language are addressed in Singapore through the incorporation of ‘Multiracialism’ and how filmmakers negotiate these issues in their films


A Study of Cultural Transmission through Thai Television Drama

This research entitled “A Study of Cultural Transmission Through Thai Television Drama” were 1) to study a policy of drama television producers on transmitting content of Thai cultures through television drama and 2) to study content of television drama presenting Thai cultures. The result revealed that the majority of producers’ policies have been focused on target


London and the Cockney in British Cinema

London has long been one of the great world cities—the beating heart of the British Empire in the past and still now the metropole par excellence. Famed for its political, financial and cultural institutions, it is a living and mutating locus that has been best defined and brought to fullest life by its working-class inhabitants—both


Tourism Communication of Bangkok Governor

The purpose of this research is 1) To study the communication of Bangkok Governor and Tourism policy and 2) To study tourism communication of Bangkok Governor. The Methodology of this research are Qualitative and Descriptive. This is a documentary research which basically its source of information are as followed: 1) Primary document which is Bangkok


A Postmodern Exploration of the Screened Dialogue Between Past and Present in “Barcelona (Un Mapa)” And Barcelona As a Dystopia

This proposal highlights the postmodern elements in Barcelona (un mapa). In focus is the screened representation of a sophisticated Barcelona portrayed against the backdrop of a transformative post-Olympic era, and Pons’ tendency to steer away from urban gloss. Rather, he highlights the dystopic elements of his native city. The film portrays the darker aspects of


Transformation of the Open-Air Cinemas of Istanbul Under Urban Gentrification

This study aims to look at the history open air cinemas in Istanbul and how they formed democratic spaces for different social classes in Turkey. Open-air cinemas were located at small neighborhoods and addressed middle and lower classes who do not have access to major movie theaters at the city centers. With no hierarchical settings,