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Thai Secondary School Teachers’ Perception of English Oral Presentation Techniques and Abilities

This research was carried out in order to investigate Thai secondary school teachers’ perception of English oral presentation techniques and abilities. The participants of this study were 70 Thai secondary school teachers from various schools in Thailand. The subjects were purposely selected because all of them had experience in teaching English and giving oral


Teaching Writing Through Clustering Technique

Teaching writing is considered as the most difficult skill. However, one of the objectives of teaching English in secondary school in Indonesia, especially for writing skill is students are expected to be able to write descriptive text well and accurately. Therefore,an EFL teacher needs appropriate strategies in teaching writing to achieve this objective. One of


Art: A Conversational Centerpiece

Inhibitors to foreign language learning can evolve from learning expectations and how language policies are incorporated within the curriculum. First this presentation will address the importance of understanding how learning expectations of both the instructor and students is of importance in a situation where instructors and students grew out of different learning paradigms. This influences


Exploring EFL Learners’ Strategies of How They Improve the Process of Their Writing Assignments

Feedback on EFL/ESL learners’ writing products plays an important role for learners to improve their writing final production (Nicol 2009; Hattie & Timperley, 2007). The authors of this study teach English in a Japanese university and give writing assignments for EFL learners as one of assessments. Although EFL learners are given enough time to finish


Cooperative Learning in the University EFL Classroom in Japan: A Brief Analysis

Many EFL classrooms at Japanese universities still adopt the traditional ‘teacher-centered approach’, where authority belongs to the teacher and who is the active entity in the classroom. In many cases, the role of the student is a passive one. Many students expect to be ‘spoon-fed’ in their learning process; not speak, but listen and therefore


Learning Strategies and Learner Attitudes in the Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game Cube World

The rapid progress of technology has revolutionized learning and in the field of computer assisted language learning, use of digital games has expanded significantly. One type of game that has been attracting interest is massively multiplayer online role-playing games (henceforth MMORPGs). Recent research has drawn attention to the potential of these games as arenas for


The Effectiveness of Authentic Material Application to Enhance EFL Students’ Listening Comprehension

Up to now, there has been a variety of factors influencing on Thai EFL students who are learning English for their survival in the competitive societies, especially when Thailand becoming one of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) members. One of the most influential factors is that Thai students still lack English communicative competence which is considered