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Japan Away from Japan: The Tehran Supplementary Japanese School

How can my multi-racial children maintain and even improve their competency in their heritage languages? This is a common struggle in any multi-racial families as in most cases their daily life outside the home is carried out in one of the languages of theirs. Particularly, in the case of the biracial families of Japanese and


Learning Growth and Attitude of Students Exposed to Prolonged Non-Contractual English Intervention Program

This study is quasi-experimental in nature which utilized an intervention program sponsored by the US Embassy through the English Access Microscholarship Program to help develop the language skills of the students. Fifty (50) students ranging from 13-20 years old who have economically disadvantaged backgrounds and show low performance in English skills (speaking, reading and writing)


Challenges for the Online English Curriculum

Curriculum is a control for any study; it exemplifies the teaching and learning theory including what to teach (content), how to teach (teaching pedagogy), and how to measure the results (evaluation). Online curriculum faces additional challenges both in theoretical implementation of English content and skills and by means of Information Technology. As English is important in


Internships in French-Speaking Environments: First Steps of a Thai University

Internships in French-speaking environments are transformational learning opportunities (TLO) that often contribute to enrich and broaden student learning and personal development. In a Thailand-centric context where the learning of French is losing momentum, it has become necessary over recent years to implement various tools to encourage our learners. Three different internships programs were implemented to


The Concordance Between EFI Learners’ Linguistic Sequential Development and the Curricula of Formal Learning Settings: An Analytical Study

Do EFL curricula best tackle the learners__ needs and are adhere to the linguistic sequential development? This research explores the extent of appropriateness of content in EFL curricula to our learners__ linguistic development. English as a foreign language (EFL) programs offer their courses with a diversity of textbooks and methodologies. This diversity creates, in some