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Components of an Inclusive Postsecondary Transition Program for Older Students with Intellectual Disabilities at a Four-Year University

This paper provides an overview of Project Panther PLUS (Postsecondary Learning for Universal Success), an inclusive postsecondary transition program for students with intellectual disabilities (ID) ages 22-26 at Florida International University in Miami, Florida, USA. With an emphasis on employment and independent living, Panther PLUS provides students with the tools needed to change their lives


Natural Materials in “Recycle Quilt Mixmedia” Fashion: Reinforcement of Students’ Creativity and Mental Revolution

The purpose of this article is to report the results of sewing extracurricular activities in SMK PGRI 4 Blitar, related to the participation in a Fashion Festival competition of using recycled materials in commemoration of Earth Day in Blitar, East Java Province, held by the local government. Basically, this activity was intended to reinforce students’


Disability and Employment an Overview on the Role of Education and Educators

People with disabilities shall face many socio-economic constraints in their everyday life, starting at kindergarten and primary schools, and ending by finding a decent job and being adjusted to corporate culture. The key to the problem might be education in an integrated way, which allows people with disabilities to use and strengthen their abilities. It works


A Study for the Elderly Assistive Device Design and Learning Assessment

In recent years, along with the process of economic growth and political democratization, concerns and needs of the rapid increase in social welfare. With the national fertility rate is declining, the average life expectancy increased year by year, the age structure of the population pyramid shape quickly tend to bowling pins. The transformation of society


Including Students with Disabilities: Attitudes of Typically Developing Children and of Parents of Children with and without Special Educational Needs

The present paper constitutes a literature review research, discussing issues of inclusion of individuals with disabilities. Inclusive education refers to the appropriate response to the diversity of students with disabilities, addressing their Special Educational Needs (SEN) as equal members and as stakeholders of the culture of the school learning community. These inclusive educational environments both