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Justice Delayed? The Nkanu Igbo and the Nigerian Army Occupation: 1967-1970

The Nigerian-Biafran Civil War was savagely contested by both sides of the divide. The seceding Biafra had borne the brunt of the pogrom, the counter coup d’état that decimated its officer corps in Nigeria and the sporadic outbursts of sectarian and ethnic cleansing preceded the declaration of the Republic of Biafra on May 30,1967. In


Content Analysis of English Itineraries About Iran Translated Into Persian, Existing in the Libraries

A travel log has nice and sad stories inside by narrator to show historical facts. So this study investigates English Itineraries about Iran which are translated into Persian and exist in the libraries to help historians and researchers. On the whole 60 translated itineraries from 64 travelers were found since 16 to 20 centuries in