Tag: Educational Policy/Leadership/Management & Administration


Operative Fiscal Management Mobility and Its Implications to School Performance in Compostela Valley Division

The main purpose of the quantitative descriptive correlation study was to determine the significant relationship between the level of operative fiscal management and the level of school performance in Compostela Valley Division for School Year 2016-2017. Data were collected from the 44 school heads and 146 teachers both from elementary and secondary schools through a


Challenges Singapore Early Childhood Centre Leaders Face

In accord with emphasis made by the local government authority for early childhood services and education in Singapore, namely Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) on the importance of effective leadership in early childhood settings, this research investigated the challenges that a sample of centre leaders faced in accomplishing their roles and responsibilities. Thirty experienced centre


Theory, Policy, And Implementation of Scientific Learning on Geography Subjects in Indonesia

The biggest challenge Indonesia facing now is demographic bonus with population of productive age over 70% but in low level of education. The Government has made a breakthrough by implementing curriculum which is applying scientific learning models at various levels of education. This research tried to investigate the effectiveness, relevance, and balance between theory, policy,


Causes and Effects of Educational Innovation in Thailand Public University

The objectives of this paper were 1) to study the definition and forms of Educational Innovation in Thailand Public University, 2) to study factors affected to Educational Innovation in Thailand Public University and 3) to study effects of Educational Innovation in Thailand Public University. Data were collected by questionnaires from 200 academic officers of a


Cultural-Fit Management: Sustainable Success Factor of Thailand Public University

This research aimed to study 1. The meaning and forms of Cultural-fit Management, 2. The factors affected to Cultural-fit Management and 3. The correlation between Cultural-fit Management and sustainable success criteria of Thailand public university. Data were collected by questionnaires from 250 academic officers of a leading public university in the Central region of Thailand,