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Assessment of Disaster Safety at Matara District General Hospital in Sri Lanka

Hospitals are essential infrastructures in responding to disasters. They are expected to remain functioning during and in the immediate aftermath of disasters. Sri Lanka has experienced a number of natural disasters such as tsunami of 2004, and experienced inadequate disaster preparedness at many local hospitals. However, very limited research has been conducted in Sri Lanka


Economic Evaluation of Pastures in the Kyrgyz Republic

This paper estimates the economic valuation of pastures in the Kyrgyz Republic. The agriculture sector of the Kyrgyz Republic faces a challenge of pasture overgrazing by shepherds. One reason for this act is insufficient salaries of shepherds. Most shepherds of these pastures are not aware of the economic value of these natural assets. This calls


Exploring University Student’s Insights Towards the Field Trip Under the PBL Method

A field trip is sometimes used in a university class. Kwan and So (2008) found that the field trip used under the PBL (Project/Problem Based Learning) method provided university students authentic and deep knowledge of the subject and reduced the learning gaps. However, Kent, Gilbertson and Hunt (1997) explain the field trip depends on the


School Climate as it Relates to Organizational Commitment of Teachers

Teaching is one of the most important professions from the standpoint of human welfare. It is considered as one of the most exalted forms of social service. Teaching is also one of the most technical, difficult, and challenging professions (Acero, Javier, & Castro, 2000). Likewise, teaching is also considered a great opportunity. In the words


Intercultural Education of Pre-Graduate Teacher Training Students From the Perspective of Intercultural Sensitivity: Comparative Insight into the Czech Educational System

The paper focuses on the issue of Czech pre-graduate teacher training students’ intercultural sensitivity within a comparative insight into the Czech educational system. The first part describes some of the most key concepts as well as documents related to intercultural and multicultural education in the Czech Republic, focusing recent development in this field. The latter


Is Everybody Present?

Over the past five decades, the interest in the contemplative practices of world wisdom traditions has been steadily expanding all through the Western culture. Education in general and higher education, in particular, has also incorporated these ‘inner sciences’ as they are often called. Contemplative practices foster a more compassionate understanding of the behavior and values


Pursuing Multicultural Education in Indonesia

Being multicultural is inevitable in Indonesia, and diversity is national identity. Actually, It stated on national symbol __Bhineka Tunggal Ika__ (it meant __Unity and diversity__). As the largest archipelago in the world, Indonesia’s people life in a diverse community. Indeed, multicultural issue is something important in Indonesia due to the uniqueness and cultural diversity in