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A Review of System Dynamics Applications in Sustainable Urban Transportation

Towards the end of 20th century, ever-increasing pressures for the need of sustainable development have re-shaped our way of thinking in which sustainability is now widely accepted as a top priority. Most of the economic and social activities are provided via transportation. Thus, it is of great importance to achieve sustainable transportation for sustainable development,


From Junk Bonds to Green Bonds do Sustainability Ratings Matter?

The market for green bonds have been growing rapidly in recent years globally, thereby making them one of the most promising financial instruments to support environmental sustainability. For traditional corporate or sovereign bonds, rating agencies have been key actors to reduce information asymmetry to facilitate the development of debt markets. Sustainability ratings, audits and second


Aggregate Production and Gases Emissions in Rich Countries: Are the G7 Contributing to Environmental Air Damage?

Due to the importance of the G7 (Group of Seven) countries, and taking into account the current need for nations adhering to environmental standards, a relevant issue to investigate is if increasing levels of Gross Domestic Production (GDP) are related to increasing levels of environmental damage. This paper aims to analyze this production growth-environmental damage


The Coupling Effect Analysis Between Economic Growth, Industrial Structure and Environmental Pollution in China

It is important to explore the coupling relationship between economic growth, industrial structure and environmental pollution. In numerous analysis frameworks which used for studying economic growth, industrial structure and environmental pollution, many scholars verified whether the situation of local area in accordance with the Kuznets curve, the obtained results were always diverse. Dividing China into