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A Curator(Ial) Collaborative: Curating Contemporary Asian Art in an Australian Context

This presentation begins with an examination of the historical relationship in cultural shifts in Australia, which reflects the re-orientation towards the Asia-Pacific region and the development of Asian contemporary art over the last two decades. This research reflects my cultural and artistic position on the imposition of Australian culture on Asian culture and vice versa.


The Relationship of Mother-in-Law and Daughter-in-Law between Organizational Climate and Organizational Citizenship Behavior : A Case Study for Career Women

By 2060, Taiwan is expected to become a super-aged society with approximately 40% of its population classified as elderly citizens, and the labor shortage is expected to reach 1.96 million people. Although the labor shortage can be improved through industrial transformation and technological development, adding new sources of labor is the most direct solution. The


Examining the Mechanisms Linking Commitment-Based Human Resource Practices, and Employee Job Performance: The Roles of Organizational Socialization

The aim of this study is to test whether commitment-based human resource (HR) practices influences employees’ job involvement via the mediating mechanism of organizational socialization. A survey-based methodology will be used to collect data from service firms within Taiwan, and hierarchical linear modeling analysis will be applied to examine the hypotheses model. This study will