ISSN: 2189-1036 – The IAFOR International Conference on Education 2015: Official Conference Proceedings

IICE2015, Dubai, UAE
Conference Theme 2014: “Education, Power and Empowerment: Developing Transnational Spaces”
Sunday, March 08, 2015 - Tuesday, March 10, 2015
ISSN: 2189-1036


Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents

Healthy Children, Healthy Minds: Creating a Brighter Future
Marcel Lebrun

Students-Enthusiasts in Online Classes: Their Contribution To the Educational Process
Anna Toom

Mathematical Modeling:
Synthesis of Qualitative Research

Andrzej Sokolowski

Achieving Transnational Spaces through Collective Will
Doris McEwen Harris

Igbo Dialects Constraints in Indigenous Languages Education in Nigeria:
A Case Study of Public Secondary Schools in Imo State Nigeria

Ihueze Chinyere
Otutu Uchenna C

The Status Quo and Future of the Off-Campus Internship Programs for
Students in the Departments of Electronic Engineering and Information

Jen-Chia Chang
His-Chi Hsaio
Tien-li Chen
Chin-Pin Chen
Su-Chang Chen

Students’ Experiences with Blended Learning
Using a Flipped Classroom Approach

Oogarah-Pratap Brinda
Gangadeen Anuradha

The Effectiveness of a Suggested Program Based on English Songs on
Developing Primary School Pupils' Vocabulary, Grammar and Their
English Language Learning Interest

Karem Abdelatif Ahmed

From Conceptualization to Reflection:
A Transnational Model for Preparing and Ensuring Robust
Clinical Experiences in Teacher Preparation Programs

Tabora Johnson
Sheilah Marion Paul

The C.L.E.A.R. Framework for Successfully Educating
and Empowering Diverse Student Populations

Tabora Johnson

Teaching Beyond the Borders:
Using the ELT Classroom to Raise Students Social Awareness

Kholood Moustafa Alakkawi

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Integration in Education:
A Holistic Framework

Jihan Rabah
Adeela Arshad-Ayaz

A Study of Interactive Influence of Brain-Based Learning and
Hemisphericity of Students of Standard VIII on their Academic
Achievement in Biology, Study Habits and Stress

Mary George Varghese

Comparing Elements of Electronic Curriculum and In-Person Training
Golnoosh Mirsaidi
Hadi Barati

Barriers to E-Learning in Higher Education System in Iran
Golnoosh Mirsaidi
Samaneh Parcheh Bafieh
Hadi Barati

The Impact of End of Session Exam on Students' Learning
Javad Nematian
Mojdeh Mellati
Batool Ghorbani Yekta

Studying the Importance of Planning Components in Virtual
and Conventional Training of Nursing

Samaneh Parchebafieh,
Golnoosh Mirsaidi
Mahboobeh Safavi
Shadi Abdollah Zargar
Soheila Mashouf

Education, Power and Empowerment:
Developing Transnational Educational Spaces through Social Media

Adeela Arshad-Ayaz
Jihan Rabah

Education in Africa for the Twenty First Century:
Perspectives for Change

Olatunbosun Ogunseemi
A.O Fasuyi
O.O Boris

Quality and Equity in Nigerian Educational System: A Panacea for
Economic Empowerment, Development Strategy and Social Justice

Ngozi E. Uzoka
Rosita Igwe

Kazi Nazrul Islam (1899-1976) as a Muslim Poet-Writer:
An Apology

Mohammad Mozammel Haque

Developing a Model for Science Academic Deans’
Leadership Styles in the UAE

Fatemeh Mirshahi

Development of a Smartphone-assisted English Reading Instructional
Model for English Major Students in the Northeast of Thailand

Poonsuk Jantasin
Suksan Suppasetseree

An Evaluation of Science Lecturers' Testing Skills in Tertiary Institutions
in Nigeria: A Case Study of Kogi State University, Anyigba

Hassana Oseiwu Ali

There is No Box:
The International Interdisciplinary Nature of Higher Education

Danny Robinson

Exploring the Impact of iPads in Teaching
Introductory Physics Courses at UAEU

Saleh T. Mahmoud
Qasim Alshannag
Naser Qamhieh
Ehab Malkawi

Bridging Cross-Cultural Competence in International BusinessEducation:
The Case of the "Global Village Leadership and Business program"

Francesco Bof
Aileen G. Zaballero
Rashed A. Alzahmi

Internationalization of Global Women in Higher Education
Shifting to a “Two-Way” Approach of Engagement

Leslie G. Scamacca
Aileen G. Zaballero
Catherine Haynes
Christina Barss

Bridging the Talent Gap of the Energy Industry:
Developing a Transnational Competency-Based System

Rashed A. Alzahmi
Aileen G. Zaballero
Ali H. Alkhalaf
William J. Rothwell

The Importance of Organizational Learning for Change in Higher
Education Institutions

Judith Mavodza

Minimalist Program and Ease of Language Acquisition:
Investigating Chomsky’s Uniformity, Simplicity and Economy

Esmail Azizi
Esmail Azizi

The Importance of Arabic Phonological Studies
to Nigerian Learners of Arabic

Hamza. I. Abdulraheem

Development of a Blended Instructional Model via Weblog to Enhance
English Summary Writing Ability of Thai Undergraduate Students

Saisunee Termsinsuk

Speech Acts in Selected Political Speeches
Suhair Safwat Hashim

Moulding for Excellence at Federal College of Education (FCE)
Abeokuta, Nigeria
Rasheed Adenrele Adetoro

Instructional Learning Versus Action Learning:
A Grounded Theory Study of Vietnamese Students' Perspective
in an International Educational Program

Sandra Safwat Youssef Fahmy

Essays and Related Writing Tasks for Language Testing
Rosanna Tammaro
Anna D’Alessio

Initial Teachers' Education and Training: An Amazing Challenge
Rosanna Tammaro
Anna D’Alessio

Building Academic Staff Portfolio to Increase Employee Retention:
A Case Study of a Thai University

Pannarat Kadish
Maureen Ricafort

Factors Affecting the Achievement Level in Biological Science of the
Students in the University of Eastern Philippines

Geraldine Apelo-Quinones

Teaching Skills and Work Behavior of Clinical Instructors of Nursing
Schools In Northern Samar

Perlin Zellaine Tabale-Licas

Education, Power And Political Economy In The 21st Century Striking
A Balance Of Values Within The North – South Dichotomy

Itanrin Sylvester L. Dada