ISSN: 2188-1162 – The European Conference on Education 2014: Official Conference Proceedings

ECE 2014, Brighton, United Kingdom
Conference Theme 2014: Transforming and Changing Education - “Borderlands of Becoming and Belonging”
Wednesday, July 9, 2014 to Sunday, July 13, 2014
ISSN: 2188-1162

Conference Programme

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Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents

Remarkable Experiences in a Narrative Memoir of a Student of Portuguese/English Teaching Practicum
from the School of Education at Ufrj

Cláudia Maria Bokel Reis
William Soares dos Santos

Learning Skills in Journalistic Skepticism while Recognising Whistleblowers
David Blackall

Educational Practice and Professional Identity Among Volunteer Correctional Educators:
Becoming a Teacher Behind Bars

Jeffrey A. Ritchey

Collaborative Becoming:
Engaging in 'Guided Reflexivity' to Develop Teaching Practices in the Post Compulsory Education and Training (PCET) Sector

Jane Jackson

Developing a Reflective Teaching Practice Based on Student Voice:
Some Changes Experienced from the Point of View of Teachers

Ángela Saiz Linares
Noelia Ceballos López

Student Voice's Experiences for the Teacher Development an Analysis of Best Practice Guidelines
Noelia Ceballos López
Ángela Saiz Linares

Peace Education for Iraq's Population
Khawlah Khanekah

Belonging: Blurring the Boundaries
Debbie Meharg
Stephanie Craighill

Strategies for Digital Inclusion:
Towards a Pedagogy for Embracing and Sustaining Student Diversity and Engagement with Online Learning

Baylie Hart Clarida

Heraclitean Thinking For a Philosophy of Education in the 21st Century:
Towards an Ontology of a New Mode of Change

Agness Papadopoulou

Contests as a Way for Changing Methodologies in the Curriculum
Javier Bilbao
Eugenio Bravo
Olatz García
Concepción Varela
Miguel Rodríguez

Emerging into a Different Way of Becoming and Belonging:
A School's Journey in 'Living and Sustaining' Transformative Pedagogy: A Case Study of a New Zealand Primary School
Jane Cavanagh-Eyre

Dominant Multiple Intelligences among Students of Medical and Health Sciences
Zita Lobo
El Sayed A. F. El Zayat
Omar Al Jadaan

Teaching and Learning Transformative Processes (The Winter School Program)
Nino Sozashvili
Jan Bohm
Tyrone Bynoe
Irma Barbakadze

Pre-service Teachers’ Perception of Service-learning Instructional Strategy in Social Studies Curriculum in South-West Nigeria
Tolulope Victoria Gbadamosi

Addressing Cultural Diversity in the International Classroom:
A Challenge or an Opportunity?

Rose de Vrieze-McBean

Best Inclusion Practices for Primary School Pupils with Special Education Needs
Eliana Sias

The Role of Teacher's Written Formative Feedback on Students' Critical Thinking
Helena Pedrosa-de-Jesus
Cecília Guerra
Aurora Moreira
Mike Watts

Engineering Co-Curricular Role Model Interventions to Develop Women Engineering Students
Self-Efficacy at a South African Comprehensive University

Ann S Lourens

Neuro-Teaching in Primary School. The Principles of
Feuersteins Mediated Learning Integrated into School Curriculum

Cristina Vedovelli

Education after the Arab Spring:
Alternative Philosophy to Develop Awareness towards the "Other"

Heyam Loutfi ElZein

Can Computer Science Students Do Without the Desktop?
Dave Towey
Tianchong Wang

The Experiences and Identities of Mainland
Chinese Undergraduate Students in Ontario Universities

Ying Wang

Development of Computer-Based
Experimental Set in Physics for Free Falling Object

Panjit Musik

Realising Teacher Quality at the M-Level
Masitah Shahrill
Jainatul Halida Jaidin
Sallimah M. Salleh
Rosmawijah Jawawi

Case Study: University of Experience and New Technologies Subject
Araceli Queiruga Dios
Ascensión Hernández Encinas
Angélica González Arrieta
Juan José Bullón Pérez

A Global Learning Experience:
Narratives of European Immersive Clinical Nursing Exchanges

Sheila Cunningham

Critical Thinking as a Tool for the Development
of Interdisciplinarity in University Education

Maria Bednarikova

To Educate Oneself to Educate:
The Non for Profit Sector Recognizes and Rethinks Oneself in the Light of Third Millennium Challenges

Patrizio Paoletti
Salvatore Soresi
Tania Di Giuseppe
Ilaria Di Maggio
Elena Perolfi

The Role of Higher Education in Economic
Transformation and Sustainable Development in Nigeria

Olusola Angelina Thomas
Rashidat Adedoyin Salisu
Samuel Adelowo Thomas - Olufuwa

Technohumananistic-Based Character Education
(A Perspective for Indonesian Educational Policies to Face the Global Challenges)

Nyoman Dantes
Anak Agung Istri Ngurah Marhaeni

Examining and Determining the Extent Effect of the Research Methods
Used by Teachers on their Educational Performance

Azra Shalbaf
Hamed Afrasiabi
Zibandeh Sohrabi Mollayosef
Mostafa Bahmani