ISSN: 2187-4751 The Asian Conference on Cultural Studies 2015: Official Conference Proceedings

ACCS2015 Art Center of Kobe, Kobe, Japan
ACCS2015 Conference Theme: “Human Rights, Justice, Media and Culture”
Thursday, May 28 - Sunday, May 31, 2015
ISSN: 2187-4751

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Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings Contents

Political Parties Re-Disconnected? Websites and Social Media
of Indonesian Political Parties

Gilang Desti Parahita
Aprilia Puspitasari

Hegemonic and Counter-Media Frames of the Unsolved-Past Tragedy
Gilang Desti Parahita

Are Women Still Better at Learning Languages? Examining Gender
Differences on Learners' Academic Performance at University

Yoshihiko Yamamoto

Moral Aspects of Economic Theories and Present-Day University

Tatiana Suprun

America, Our Home? A Qualitative Study of 1.5-Generation
Asian Americans

Nadia Benyamin

Musical Pedagogy's Improvement through New Technologies
and Musicology: The Ogma Project

Guillaume Deveney

Developing Social Work Practice for People with Disability
through Digital Storytelling

Shinsuke Funaki
Shoichi Fujita
Kazunori Taiencho

The Influence of Gender Role Ideologies in Women's
Careers: A look at Marianismo and Machismo in the Treatment Room

Carmen Inoa Vazquez

Skateboarding Subculture in China: Development Path,
Characteristics and Representation of Values and Social Change

Anna Chelnokova-Siejka

Temples: Probing the Possibilities of Economic
Regeneration of the Local Communities in Goa

Padmaja Kamat

One Nation-Different Fates: Kazakhstan in Pursuit of
Cultural Identity

Aktolkyn Kulsariyeva
Shaigozova Zhanerke
Sultanova Madina

A Right to Quietude
Alexandre Avdulov

Archivists to Activists: The Changing Role of Museums
as Guardians of Culture and Empowerment

Barry Natusch
Beryl Hawkins

Multiple Identities of Media Labourers and Experiences of Creative
Autonomy: An Empirical Investigation from a TV Programme Producer's Perspective

Chairin An

Examining Identity Formation of Third Culture Kids
Through Transnationalism Experience

George Amurao

The Empirical Analysis of Tea Price Under the
Influence of Wage Earner in China

HE Chen-lei
LI Xing-hui

Who Makes the Garden? (The Comparison Between
And Ancient Chinese Documents)

Wang Xin

Diversifying Urbanity: The Japanese Commercial
Community of Prewar Manila

Augusto Vicente de Viana

Teaching Idiom and Metaphor via Poetry in the
Chinese EFL Classroom

Kevin Kilroy
Jeremiah Cassar Scalia

An Analysis of Pembayuns Speech Acts in the Sorong
Serah Ceremony of Sasak Marriage: A Ritualistic Discourse Study

Lalu Nurul Yaqin

Power of Sympathy: Constructions of “Children’s Rights” in Tokyo’s Slum
Akane Oishi

A Dilemma or Hope for China's Democratization:
A Research on Cyberpolitics Participation of
Chinese Citizen Based on Chai Jing Event

Shu Qi
Jingya Sun

Race for Human Rights: Tommie Smith, the Black Power Salute, and Japan
Yu Sasaki

Soledad: A Depiction of a Filipino Woman's
Chastity as Perceived by Pre-Service Teachers

Ma. Junithesmer D. Rosales

Is an Alternative Deliberation Space?:
The Anti- Nuclear Movement and ICT Communication
after 3.11 Disaster

Kyoko Tominaga
Takanori Tamura

The Struggle of Waria Buddies to Achieve Symbolic Capital
in an Infectious Diseases Intermediate Care Unit in Indonesia

Mira Adriani Permadi

National and Gender Power Negotiations in Harriett
Low's Lights and Shadows of a Macao Life

Chingyen Mayer