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Political Communication – Reach and Relevance: A Case Study of Delhi

In the nineteenth century mechanical printing replaced direct communication/dialogue/ speech. In the wake of twentieth century radio and television occupied a corresponding space along with print media as a source of information and communication. The advent of 21st century introduced internet thus multiplying the cognitive, affective and behavioral impact of communication. In the course of


Time Series Analysis of Thai Flooding Effects on Japanese Insurance Companies

In this paper, we analyzed effects of the 2011 Thai flooding on Japanese economics, especially on the Japanese insurance companies. In 2011, the Japan economy was severely damaged by the great East Japan earthquake that happen on 11th March. To pay the insurance premium, Japanese major insurance companies were also damaged. In addition, the flood


How Public Educational Policy Reform has Lost Its Way

American education has lost its sense of mission, its direction, its connection to real life, and its willingness to change its structure and administration. We do not attend to civic literacy, financial literacy, teamwork, project-based learning, and creation of global citizens. Graduates typically reject a sound grounding in history, geography, and the social sciences. The


Adding Value to Thailand’s Robusta Coffee through Geographical Indication

Coffee is the most valuable and widely traded tropical agricultural product. Thailand is one of the top coffee producers in the world. The country was also ranked third among the coffee producing countries of Asia with the Robusta coffee (Coffea canephora) accounting for 99% of its production. Thus, Robusta coffee is the chief coffee crop


Study on Eco-Environment Crisis Coping with System of Russia under Sustainable Development Strategy Background

Ecological crisis is the challenge commonly faced by mankind, and it is environment protection topic emphasized by countries across the world. Russia stresses on coping eco-crisis issue in its sustainable development strategy in recent years, and it formulated Environment Protection Law of Russia and Ecological Appraisal Law of Russia, forming a set of ecological systems,


Bilingual Language Production: Shared or Separate Processing?

Language production processes have recently been of interest to many psycholinguistic researchers. While human beings are able to acquire multiple languages at the same time, this has pointed to the fact that different mental cognitive processes may be involved in multilingual language production. An existing debate in bilingual research is the question whether the mental


What is Interpretation and How Can I Perform it? A Case Study of Assessing Interpreter Training in Japan

Interpretation is a communication approach for facilitating personal meaning making and developing connections with things, places, people, and concepts and typically occurs in recreational or informal learning settings, such as heritage sites, museums, zoos, and protected areas. Interpretation helps audience to better understand and appreciate the object being interpreted, which can increase appropriate resource management


The Diversity of Indigenous Wisdom on Grief: Exploring Social Work Approaches to Bereavement

The aim of our study was twofold: 1) to describe the diversity of indigenous wisdom on grief and maintaining relationships with the deceased by exploring Buddhists in Japan, Muslims in Malaysia and Christians in Sweden; and 2) to discuss social work approaches for bereaved families based on their indigenous wisdom. Background: The International Federation of


Facing the Challenge of Being a Woman Officer in the Belgian Army: Personality Profile and Coping Strategies

Forty years ago, the first women soldiers joined the Belgian army. Since then, much progress has been made in the feminization of the staffs, particularly through various laws and policies implemented on this purpose. However, female staff is still a largely under-represented group in the Belgian army. This could be mainly explained by the fact


Motivations to Visit a Museum – Why Do You Visit While Others Don’t Go?

Museums are critical for resource conservation, while they can provide a recreational setting and enhance visitor’s leisure experience. Museums also play an important role in the hospitality and tourism industry, as they attract domestic and international travelers. Museums serve as social, cultural, and economic enrichment. The purpose of the research included understanding the motivations to


Light, the Physical Factor Affecting the Social Security of Public Space in Historical Texture

Yazd city is the first adobe and the second historical city in the world. Placement of valuable historical texture of this city in a circle of worn out context has caused the Gradual burial of social, economic,skeletal and functional life especially in the public spaces of historical core of town. In addition, the expansion of


Policy Networks of Central-Local Government Relations in the UK and Japan and Linkage of International Relations in the EU

Policy networks and linkage are tightly connected concepts in the politics. The policy networks defined by Rhodes are set of formal institutional and informal linkages between governmental and other actors. The policy networks are important elements in the power-dependence theory about intergovernmental relations in the UK. This paper mainly investigates comparison between policy networks in


When Fraud Wears Religious Cassocks

According to the US court papers, Taipei Smartphone maker HTC Corp’s founder, Cher Wang, was defrauded out of US$7.4 million by a church elder couple. The US Attorney’s Office, Northern District of California, said Jonathan Chang, aged 60, and his wife, Grace Lee Chang, aged 57, were the defendants. Plaintiff, Wang and her husband, Chen