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Analysis on Bataan Tourism Industry: Bases for Extension Activities of Faculty and Students of Bataan Peninsula State University

This paper entitles “Analysis on Bataan Tourism Industry: Bases for extension activities of selected faculty and students of Bataan Peninsula State University”, aimed to assess and evaluate the knowledge ability and level of appreciation of the selected barangay officials and residents equally distributed in the 11 towns and 1 city in Bataan, Philippines. Study used


East Meets West: A Glimpse of the Globalization and Internationalization of Innovation and Discovery

Whether be the politicians, businessmen or academics, “globalization” is such a term that is largely used by everyone in the discourse of development. In McLuhanean view, the result of advent of electronic media can be seen as the creation of “global village”. In contemporary political and academic sphere, globalization stands for little more than a


Boko Haram Insurgency and the Specter of Female Suicide Bombers in Nigeria

The encounters between Boko Haram and the Nigerian state have been largely nightmarish and calamitous, making it one of the most talked about phenomenon in the recent times. The violent activities of Boko Haram constitute major disruption to the Nigerian state, especially in its task of achieving peace and development. Apart from persistent threats to


Bureaucracy in the Power-Dependence of Domestic Politics and Linkage in Foreign Policy

The domestic politics and foreign policy have relevance. The policy-making actors in domestic politics are bureaucracy, party and parliament. Especially, bureaucracy is the most influential actor in policy-making. This paper will discuss how bureaucracy affects foreign policy. This paper consists of three parts. First, described is how various Ministries coordinate with the policy networks. In