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Encouraging the Creation and Adoption of Reading Culture: Panacea for Effective Language Learning

Central to every learning environment and by extension every community is how enlightened its members are. Reading is considered as one of the ways by which every member or community members get enlightened. A society that places premium on reading is a society that achieves greatness. Reading is embedded in a complex cultural network system


The Discourse Strategy of Code Switching on SNS Texts: Focusing on the Case of Chinese-Korean and Chinese

This study aims to figure out the discourse functions of code switching which appears in the texts chatted on SNS, especially Kakaotalk(Korean Mobile Messanger) and Wechat(Chinese Mobile Messanger). In order to satisfy this purpose, this study observed and analyzed several dialogues of 10 Chinese Koreans and 10 Chinese people living in Korea. The results are


Geography of German Daycare Centers and its Association with the Preschoolers’ Sociolinguistic Characteristics

Purpose: Language acquisition is associated with or influenced by a number of factors which can be called sociolinguistic, social/sociological or demographic. Among other things, children cannot avoid being influenced linguistically by their peers and other contact persons from their neighborhood. Also, neighborhood might be a correlate of several factors influencing language acquisition. This study aimed