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The Importance of Practicing Social Media in Journalism

In the early years of social networking, users sent personal messages to one another, or a small group of family and friends based on the concept of ‘six degrees of separation’ of connecting with friends, family and people you knew. This one-to-one communication method was a chief reason why social media was considered different from


The Uses of Instagram for Self-Presentation and Self-Promotion of Thai Celebrities

When browsing celebrities’ photos on their Instagram accounts, their life stories and lifestyles are reflected. Presentation of self is a common practice for social media users around the world. People engage in social media not only for information and communication, but also for social connections with others. The focus of this article is to discuss


Reading RPF as Digital Fiction: New Perspectives for Interpretation

Real person fiction is a type of fanfiction utilizing real (living) people as characters. It tends to flourish within subcultural fan communities, and has been little studied by academics. Almost all fanfic is now produced for and on digital platforms, I argue that in order to understand it, we need to incorprorate some established tools