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Facing the Challenge of Being a Woman Officer in the Belgian Army: Personality Profile and Coping Strategies

Forty years ago, the first women soldiers joined the Belgian army. Since then, much progress has been made in the feminization of the staffs, particularly through various laws and policies implemented on this purpose. However, female staff is still a largely under-represented group in the Belgian army. This could be mainly explained by the fact


Justice in Measure for Measure: An Approach through Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga-Psychology

The theoretical approach applied in this paper is based on the ‘consciousness investigation’ of Sri Aurobindo( 1872-1950), who gives us a detailed map of human consciousness using his own terms for the different areas of our being, like the Physical, Vital, Mental, Psychic(in the Upanishadic sense), their various sub-divisions and the blend of those planes


A Local Investigation into the Attitude Towards Global Products in Karachi

This research investigates the attitude of local consumers of Karachi towards global products with respect to their age and gender. This study involves in-depth understanding of the attitude of local consumers towards global products through secondary sources as well as measurement of these variables through primary data collection from adult consumers located in Karachi. The